Year 11 exam briefing

Admission Slips
 Need it to enter exams
 Have it at all times
Supervisors are not teachers- they will not know you
The admission slip is your “Boarding Pass”
Have someone at home check you have all the right gear!
What if I forget my admission slip?
Print one off using your NZQA login
Student office can print one off
Any copy must be signed by Mr. Morar
Bring photo ID
Before exams
 Start a regular revision timetable NOW!
 Arrange for time off work or other commitments
 Take regular, short breaks and exercise
 Eat lots of brain food. Limit coffee and energy
 Study at times that suit your body clock
 Highlight the days and times of exams
I want my results notice sent to me in January?
Order a results notice using your learner login on
the NZQA website.
Exams materials
 In a clear plastic bag
 Black/ blue pen only
 Calculator (approved and cleared memory)
 Spare batteries or spare calculator
 Admission slip
 Other: ruler, coloured pencils….
 Water bottle, no food except cough lozenge
 NOT allowed to borrow items from others in the
Emergency Pack
 In a clear bag
 Keys, wallet, medicine, bus pass, cellphone (off)
 This is kept under your desk and only accessed by
asking the supervisor
 If there is an earthquake- Duck, Cover Hold
 If there is an evacuation- only take your
emergency pack.
Day of the exams
 Eat a decent breakfast/ lunch
 Check your exam pack and admission slip
 Wear comfortable clothing (bring a jacket)
 Be prepared for colds/ coughs etc
 Get to school 30 minutes before (allow for traffic)
 On the correct day and time
 Go to bathroom
 Check whiteboard by hall for exam room
 Have a routine that works for pre exam time
 If you are more than 30 mins late to an exam you
will not be admitted. Call school if you are
unexpectedly late
Exam times
 9.30 am
 2pm
 3 hours in total
 Cannot leave in first 45 minutes and in the last 15
In the exam
 Wait outside the room until called in by the
 Calculator check: Maths, Science, Commerce
 Sit at the desk assigned to you
 Write clearly in black/ blue pen- no twink
 Cross out anything you do not want to be marked
 Take care and pay attention to detail
 Mobile phones to stay off and in emergency packs
 Bags at front of room
 Extra paper is at the back of the exam (ask
supervisor for more)
What NOT to do
 No communicating with others
 No distracting others in the room
 No copying
 No writing offensive comments or doodling on
your paper
 No dictionaries or translators
 Do not use Twink- cross out mistakes, ask for
extra paper
 Do not bring your own paper.
What if I choose not to sit a
 Leave the paper blank – standard not assessed
 If you write on a paper it will be live and will be
marked – you could risk not achieved.
 Go into the exam with a plan ie which papers, how
much time to spend on each…
 Answer all parts of all questions (an attempt may
give you some marks which add up)
 Unless you are doing less than 3 standards, do
NOT leave early
 Check and double check your work
Leaving an exam room
 Put up your hand and wait for the supervisor to check
you out
 When you leave, do not make any noise until you are
well outside the building
What if an unexpected event
affects my performance?
 If due to illness or some other unexpected event, you
cannot sit the exam or your performance is impaired,
you may apply for a derived grade
 No derived grade if: ongoing illness, or anxiety, panic
attacks, these are part of exam stress and need to be
 If you are ill you must get a form and go to the doctor
within a day of the exam
 If some other event affects your performance get a
form from WGC4Me or from Mr. Morar
 A derived grade must come from a standard specific
grade held by the school in a practice exam or test.
 Are out in mid January
 Check online
 Order a results notice now if you want one sent
 Papers get returned to you
 Papers can be sent back for reconsideration
 Advise the school and NZQA of any change of address
Do your best and Good luck!