Transition Talk Webinar Series:
CTE, Special Education, and VAC
December 4, 2013
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Miya Brevard
Elizabeth Danner
CTE Specialist
[email protected]
Transition Specialist
[email protected]
Career & Technical Education (CTE)
What is CTE?
• Model for success
• Skills and Technical Knowledge
• Real-world Experience
Who can teach CTE courses?
• Experience in the specific industry, degree
and/or license
• Must obtain a Texas Teaching Certificate
Why should a student take CTE classes?
• Application and project-based learning
• 21st Century Skills
• Post-Secondary and Career Exposure
Vocational Adjustment Class (VAC)
What is VAC (Vocational Adjustment Class)?
“This instructional arrangement/setting is for providing special education &
related services to a student who is placed on a job with regularly scheduled
direct involvement by special education personnel in the implementation of
the student’s IEP.” 19 TAC §89.63(c)(9)
Who can be a VAC (Vocational Adjustment Coordinator)?
• Assigned after 9/1/90:
• Special Education certificate
• Teacher certificate + special education endorsement
• Generic special education
• + 60 clock hours of specified in-service training
When is VAC appropriate for a student?
• “Only after the school district’s career and technology classes have been
considered and determined inappropriate for this student.”
19 TAC §89.63(c)(9)
• Review: transition assessments, postsecondary employment goals
ARD Committee Decisions about
Work-Based Learning
• The student’s preferences, interests, and
postsecondary goals for employment
• Skills the student will need to meet those goals
• Options that are available on campus (CTE classes)
• Supports the student needs to be successful
• The LRE for the student
• VAC options if CTE is not appropriate
Spec Ed (VAC)
Gen Ed (CTE)
CTE Participation in the ARD
1. Ask questions (collect information about the student if previously not
ARD committee shall include a representative
2. Describe in detail to the committee your course and its’ content including
career and technical education, preferably
setting, environment, expectations etc.
when considering initial or continued
Suggest goals, accommodations, modifications
of a student in a career and technical
4. State your concerns
5. Clarify the goals/objectives
to be fulfilled
by your course
6. Ask for a copy of the IEP/ARD minutes
7. Collect contact information on diagnostician, administrative
Commissioner’s Rule §75.1023(d)(1)
representative, counselors, special education teacher (tracking teacher or
case manager) and general education teacher
8. Sign – check agree or disagree – put in parentheses – “CTE” if not
otherwise specified.
Students with IEPs in CTE classes
Students who need accommodations:
• CTE teacher receives copy of accommodations
• SpEd case manager supports per IEP (consult, co-teach, etc)
• Consider adaptations to equipment
Students who need modifications:
• CTE teacher receives copy of accoms/mods
• SpEd case manager supports per IEP (consult, co-teach, etc)
• Consider adaptations to equipment
Consulting with a Special Educator for CTE
Business Information Management
• SLD in reading fluency, reading comprehension, written
expression, and oral language processing
• Struggles with use of calendar or other planners
• Reads at an eighth grade level with fluency; struggles
with oral reading comprehension and written exp.
• Accommodations
• Extended time
• Computer software resources to support listening
comprehension and writing
Example 2
Culinary Arts
Mild cognitive disability
• Approximate reading level: 2nd grade
• Can read familiar signs and tell time using digital
• Can follow 2- and 3-step oral directions or picture cues
• Works at pretzel shop during Work Skills (VAC) with support from job coach
• Modified tests and assignments
• Change in TEKS (access to TEKS, not mastery of TEKS)
• Auditory instruction
• Check for understanding
• Paraprofessional to support in class
Students should continue accessing
work-based learning as recommended
by the ARD and per transition plan.
VAC is an instructional arrangement
and can be used when a student is in
paid employment with SpEd support.
If an 8x code is used this course will be for local credit only.
If a CTE code is used (e.g., Career Prep) the student could
get state graduation credit . . . But TEA has not yet specified
who the teacher of record must be for this course.
Miya Brevard
Elizabeth Danner
CTE Specialist
[email protected]
Transition Specialist
[email protected]
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