BOA presentation GACPA AWC july 18

BOA Chairman Joel L. Tan-Torres
The newly appointed BOA is committed to pursue
its mandate as prescribed in Philippine Accountancy
Law of 2004 and as required by the PRC in the context
of recent developments and available resources.
With the support of the PRC leadership and the
various stakeholders of the profession, the BOA and
the accountancy profession is ready in
Expanding Horizons
The essentials for Expanding Horizons:
 Commitment to pursue ALL mandates
 Support of and close coordination with PRC
and various stakeholders
 Provide and implement solutions for identified
 Implement an ASAP time line
 Consists of 64 projects and increasing
Completed or on going projects
Quality Assurance Review
Mutual Recognition Arrangement
BoA office
Code of Ethics
CPA examinations
New CPA oath taking
Website, facebook and twitter
Renewal of license and accreditation
Continuing Professional Development
Outreach and volunteer projects
Performance Governance System
Initiate an “Outstanding Sectoral Organization” Award
Publish a coffee table book entitled “Champion CPAs”
Other EH projects affecting Government sector
 Encourage the participation in the internship program of
accounting students
 Support the Integrity Initiative movement
 Encourage the establishment of more GACPA chapters
 Coordinate with CSC on value and requirement of being a CPA
for promotion and appointment to relevant accountant positions
 Initiate Project “Tulong sa Barangay”
 Coordinate with DOF/BIR for the operationalization of the Tax
 Coordinate with COA, DBM, etc. on government accounting issues
 Conduct a project Accntnt campaign
With the support and cooperation of all
stakeholders, our accountancy profession is well on
its ways towards
Becoming the number one Profession in the country
with its Expanding Horizons initiative
BOA Chairman Joel L. Tan-Torres
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