French English Relations - MS. TIROGIANNIS` GRADE 10

French English Relations
Tuesday January 11th, 2011
Homework – French English Relations
1980s Referendum Note
Constitution Crisis - Note
Meech Lake and Charlottetown Accord
1995 Quebec Referendum Article
Learning Target
• We will discuss the changing
relationship between English Canada
and Quebec, specifically language and
constitutional issues.
Success Criteria
• I will be able to explain Quebec’s
separatist movements and the results
it had on Canadian society.
Parti Quebecois &
the 1980 Quebec Referendum
• The Parti Quebecois (PQ) passed Bill 101 (the language bill)
– French would be the dominant language EVERYWHERE
– All signs, public and private, had to be in French
– Everyone (except a minority would be forced to learn French.
• In 1976, Rene Levesque is elected Premier of Quebec.
• He declared that the Parti Quebecois would soon call a
referendum vote to allow citizens to decide Quebec's future.
Quebec Referendum 1980
• The government of Quebec made public its
proposal to negotiate a new agreement with the
rest of Canada.
• The agreement would enable Quebec to acquire
exclusive power to make its laws, levy its taxes
and establish relations abroad (sovereignty)
• Quebec would still have economic ties to Canada
• On May 20, 1980, 60% of Quebecois voted no to
sovereignty association. This was a major
setback for the PQ.
Constitution Renewal
• After the 1980 Referendum, Trudeau
started the process of renewing Canada's
• He promised during the 1980 referendum,
to patriate the constitution (remove it from
any remaining British control)
• The Charter of Rights and Freedoms would
be included as well.
Constitution Renewal
• Trudeau met with the first ministers to strike a compromise
and receive support for the new Constitution.
– They were having great difficulty reaching a consensus.
– Last minute decisions were made
• Levesque was left out and did not find out about the
agreement until the morning.
Quebec and the New
• The Constitution Act of 1982 replaced the British North
American Act (1867)
• Quebec felt betrayed
– The constitution was supposed to be a way to meet Quebec's
needs now the rest of the country was forcing this constitution on
• When the Queen and the first ministers signed the
Constitution, Quebec was not present.
– Flags were lowered to half-mast in Quebec and protest was held in
Meech Lake and the
Charlottetown Accord
• Using your textbook, Canada: A Nation Unfolding,
complete the chart given to you.
• Homework:
– Read about the Quebec Referendum of 1995
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