DPAS II, Component 5 for School Nurses

DPAS II, Component 5 for
School Nurses
Linda C. Wolfe, RN, MEd
Director, School Support Services
Facilitator, DPAS II Component 5, School Nurses
June 2013
Delaware Performance
Appraisal System
Based on work of Charlotte Danielson
◦ Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework
for Teaching (2nd Edition)
Original work began in 2000
 5 components, but 5th component
(student growth measures) not
implemented until 2012
 Based on professional standards &
Linda C. Wolfe, RN June 2013
Components 1– 4 for Specialists
Component 1 – Planning & Preparation
1a. Designing Coherent Programs or Services
1b. Demonstrating Knowledge of Best Practice and/or Models of Delivery
1c. Demonstrating Knowledge of Students or Clients
1d. Demonstrating Knowledge of Resources
1e. Demonstrating Knowledge of How to Design or use Student Assessments
Component 2 – Professional Practice & Delivery of Service
2a. Creating an Environment to Support Student or Client Needs
2b. Demonstrating Flexibility and Responsiveness
2c. Communicating Clearly and Accurately
2d. Delivery of Services to Students or Clients
Component 3 – Professional Consultation & Collaboration
3a. Collaborating with Others
3b. Serving as a Consultant to the School Community
3c. Providing Resources and Access
3d. Maintaining Standards of Professional Practice
3e. Using Assessment Data in Planning and Delivery of Services
Component 4 – Professional Responsibilities
4a. Communicating with Families /Clients
4b. Recording Data in a Student Record System
4c. Growing and Developing Professionally
4e. Reflecting on Professional Practice
Linda C. Wolfe, RN
June 2013
Component 5 : Student Growth
Component 5 does not expand the role of the school of the school nurse. It
does highlight and define what we do.
Teams of Delaware school nurses developed DPAS II and all of its
components. The work is based on NASN’s Scope & Standards of School
Nursing Practice and on current Delaware practice for School Health
The Growth Measures are based on current research and understanding of
the school nurse’s impact on student health.
The Growth Measures document is exactly like the ones for educators and
other specialists. The only difference is that “school nurse” is inserted where
the word “specialist” or “educator” would be in the other documents.
The state offers 17 possible goals and the school nurse chooses 4. The size
and number of cohorts of students are agreed upon with the administrator at
the beginning of the school year. The state has set minimal percentages of
Linda C. Wolfe, RN June 2013
Student Growth Measures
(for selected cohort)
Absences Due to Illness (FY13: 50%; FY14: 25% )
Visits to the Nurse Office (50%)
Vision Screening Referral Completion (close
gap by 50%)
Hearing Screening Referral Completion
(close gap by 50%)
Return to Class (50%)
Originally there were to be the required items. It was
believed that would be applicable to all school nurses.
Linda C. Wolfe, RN June 2013
Student Growth Measures
In-School Injury (50%)
Access to Health Resources(10%)
Health Behavior: Student (FY13: 5%; FY14: 10% )
Health Education: Student (50%)
Infection (FY13: 50%; FY14: 25% )
Delaware Student Asthma Test (50%)
IHP Goals (50%)
IEP Goals (50%)
IHP Activities (50%)
IEP Activities (50%)
Health Behavior: Staff (5%)
Health Education: Staff (50%)Linda C.Wolfe, RN June 2013
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