Books, Technology and IMA Funds Oh My!

Books, Technology and IMA
Funds Oh My!
Presented by the Instructional Materials Coordinators
Association of Texas Board of Directors
IMCAT Team Members
• Humble ISD- Erica Gruber
[email protected]
• Clear Creek ISD- Jill Cook
[email protected]
• Whitehouse ISD- Tony Black
[email protected]
• Dallas ISD- Matt Tyner
[email protected]
What is IMA?
• The 82nd Texas Legislature in 2011, created
an Instructional Materials Allotment(IMA) fund
for the purchase of instructional materials,
technological equipment and technologyrelated services.
• Each school district is entitled to annual
allotment funds for each student.
Senate Bill 6
• Creates a Per-Student Instructional Materials Allotment.
• Instructional Materials Allotment (IMA) to be determined by
the Commissioner with adjustments for high enrollment
• Changes the word “Textbooks” to “Instructional Materials”
throughout the Texas Education Code (TEC).
• Retains the SBOE Review and Adoption Process.
• Creates an Instructional Materials Account for each district in
the EMAT system.
Senate Bill 6
• Requires each district to certify IMA funds will be used for
authorized purposes and that the district will cover all the
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for each subject and
grade level.
• Districts/schools now own the instructional materials.
• May sell out-of-adoption materials and materials not out-ofadoption but no longer needed. Must notify the commissioner.
• Eliminates the classroom set requirement.
• Eliminates requirement to have printed materials covered.
• No depository requirement for publishers.
What can IMA money
• Instructional Materials Adopted by SBOE
or Commissioner of Education
• Instructional Materials NOT on adopted list
• Instructional Technology
• Technological Equipment
How much IMA funding does
each district receive?
• IMA allocations are determined each
biennium based on student enrollment,
however funding for each school year will
not be available until September 1st
• IMA Allocations for 2013-2014
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Upcoming Proclamations
• Mathematics K-8
– Mathematics (Spanish), grades K5
• Science K-12
– Science (Spanish), grades K-5
• Technology Applications K12
Social Studies K-12
Mathematics 9-12
Fine Arts K-12
Career and Technical
– Principles and Elements of Floral
Humble ISD
• Approx. 38,000 students
• District IMA Team Members
Deputy Superintendent
Chief Technology Officer
Director of Education Support Services
Director of Fine Arts
Director of CTE
Asst. Superintendent of C &I
Director of Purchasing
Principals(1 HS, 1 MS, 1 Elem.)
• Needs Assessment Process
Needs Assessment for
Name of Program/Course
Description of the program/course
Content Area/Grade Level Impacted
# of Teachers/Students Impacted
Cost of Program
Term of Contract
Equal Accessibility to program/course?
Support Items Needed?
Measurable Objectives of program/course
Indicators of success of program/course annually and long term
Clear Creek ISD
• Approx. 39,000 students
• District IMA Team Members
Deputy Superintendent of C & I
Executive Director of C & I
Executive Director of Professional Development
Executive Director of Special Ed
Purchasing Director
Curriculum directors (depends on course for adopted years)
Principals (1 HS/I Int/2 Elem)
Whitehouse ISD
• Approx. 4,600 students
• District IMA Team Members
– Curriculum Director
– Chief Financial Officer
– Assistant Superintendent
– Technology Director
– Instructional Materials Coordinator
Dallas ISD
• Approx. 157,000 students, second largest in
• District IMA Team Members
Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning
Textbook Services Manager
Curriculum Department Directors
Education Tech Director
Instructional Coaches
Teachers from Content Areas
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