Getting a UC grant - Harvard Undergraduate Council

Getting a UC grant
(1) Application
(2) Committee Approval
(3) Check and Forms
Most important points:
 Our funding period is September 9th to
December 2nd.
No shopping/reading period events.
 The UC has a commitment to equal funding.
We try not to make value judgments.
 We fund only student groups, and all the grant
money must be used directly for students. (i.e. not
guest presents, accommodation, etc.)
 Apply early, apply early, apply early!
 Get your Completed Project Forms to us ASAP!
Two types of grants
 You make the expense, we
 You tell us your budget, we
reimburse you.
 Must apply and come to us
before 21 days have passed
since your event took place
 Should bring Completed
Project Form with you to
the interview.
give you a check.
 Must reimburse the UC if
you do not fully use the
amount funded.
 Should get us the
Completed Project Form
before 21 days have passed
since your event took
UC website :
Click “Apply”
Common Grants Website
Pick “UC” Retroactive or Upfront
List Revenues and Expenditures
*describe them clearly*
7-day Timeline
 Applications due: Sunday by 11:59pm
 Interview times assigned and e-mailed to
the given e-mail: on Monday
 Interview: Wednesday assigned time
 Final decisions: e-mailed by the following
Monday morning
 Check pick-up: usually the following
Interviews: Wednesdays 7-9
Completed Project Forms
Important points:
 Fill the entire form out
 Do not worry about the grant
 Write down the ACTUAL
project expense, a.k.a “the
amount that your receipts add
up to”
 Attach your receipts well –
flimsy stuff causes problems
CPF deadline
 If retroactive?
bring it to the interview
 If upfront?
up to 21 days after the event
before December 2nd
 In all cases?
Q: Meh, why do I care?
 A1:You want to get your check
 A2:You don’t want to owe us money
 A3:You don’t want more stress
Where do I turn it in?
UC mailbox: Science Center, before you turn into the
little hallway that leads to room 109
Wednesdays 7-9!!!
If you owe the UC from a past semester or a current grant:
write out a check to “Undergraduate Council”
(more than) absolute deadline
These dates do not exist.
- last interviews
- last chance to
hand in CPFs
- FiCom world
Consult our policies
Club Sports - $1000, $1500, $2000
Publications - $500 per semester
Musicals and Theatre - $1000 per semester
Ticketed events : must donate UC tix, cannot reach profit
General Operations Costs – must be crucial to club mission
Travel – round trip T-fare, $3.40 per person
Food – from $2 to $4
Board retreats - $5 per person
Disc Jockeys - $150
Competition fees - $25
A/V equipment – get it from MTS, or we will fund at MTS rates
General meetings – we will fund a maximum of 3
Consult our policies
Dishware – considered part of food allocation
Repeated events – a maximum of 3
Printing – 4 cents per sheet
Publicity - $10
Decorations- must be theme-oriented
Awareness campaigns - $250
Fashion shows - $2500
Conferences - $3000
Additional Programming and Support
Consider your options – and apply!
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