IB MYP at Chatsworth - Chatsworth International School

MYP at Chatsworth
1. IB and MYP Overview at Chatsworth
2. Student assessment and steps
3. Assessment examples
The IB - Learner Profile
To develop internationally minded people
who are striving to become:
Features of the MYP
Year 7/8/9 MYP Subjects
Student Centered Education
Inquiry Based
Make observations
Ask questions and Research
Propose answers and explanations
‘Real world’ contexts/involvement in ‘service’
Approaches to Learning (ATL)
1. Organizational skills, study practices and
attitudes towards work
2. Collaborative skills
3. Communication
4. Information Literacy
5. Reflection
6. Problem solving and thinking skills
7. Subject specific and interdisciplinary
conceptual understanding
Personal Project
A major piece of work that takes place over the course of year 10 and 11.
The project lets each student focus on something that interests them and
promotes the celebration of creativity. The focus is on something the
student enjoys.
Producing original pieces of art
Making perfume
Essay about the medicinal benefits of tea
The life of man through photography
A musical composition
Each student is assigned a supervisor
As well as investigating, planning and creating their project students must
analyze and reflect upon their project in written form. This written personal
report must be no longer than 3500 words. There is also an exhibition of
Why do we assess?
Learning is a process
To find out what students ‘can do’.
To find out how/what students can do to
improve and what teachers can do to support
To prepare students to be life-long learners.
Student Assessment
Criterion-related Assessment. Students measured against
themselves not others (not “norm-referenced”)
Criteria prescribed by IB
1-7 grades, subject criteria levels of achievement, ATL grades,
student reflection
Reports to parents (4 per year) PTSCs (2 per year)
End of MYP Achievement - e-assessment/record of
achievement/MYP certificate
How do teachers award grades?
Step 1:
Teachers use a variety of assessment tools. For example:
Oral presentations: speech, dialogue, role-play, recordings, monologue,
research, discussion, debate
Tests: end of unit knowledge tests, quiz, projects
Writing: essays, lab reports, creative writing, reflection, Work Books
Group work: design cycle, creative cycle, poster work
Practical work: personal project, art and musical performance, labs
Step 2: Use Subject Criteria to
award a level of achievement
For example in Science:
Criterion A One world
Max 6
Criterion B Communication in Science
Max 6
Criterion C Knowledge and understanding
Max 6
Criterion D Scientific inquiry
Max 6
Criterion E Processing data
Max 6
Criterion F Attitudes in Science
Max 6
Criteria B: Communication in Science
Step 3: Apply grade boundaries to
get a final MYP grade.
English Example
Three criteria:
A - Content (out of 10)
B - Organisation (out of 10)
C- Style and Language Mechanics (out of 10)
Drama Example
4 Marking Criteria for Arts (Drama, Music, Art)
A. Knowledge & Understanding (Out of 8)
B. Application
(Out of 10)
C. Reflection & Evaluation
(Out of 8)
D. Artistic Awareness &
Personal Engagement
(Out of 8)
Chatsworth International School
MYP Assessment Task Sheet
Unit Title:
Drama - Theatre Throughout the Ages
MYP Unit Question: How is modern theatre an amalgam of styles and practices from the
major theatrical forms from Western and Eastern cultures?
Year Level:
Bob Scheer
Understanding how the theatre reflected key concerns and values of the times as a part of different
theatrical Environments and expressions of psychology (Freudian) . How modern theatre can
successfully mix the range of theatrical styles from history.
This assignment is to engage students in performing a script to showcase their talents as actors and
improve their ability to perform to the general public using strong vocal projection, good mime and
effective storytelling and transforming into different characters wherever possible using aspects of
melodrama and comedy.
Students are to:
Rehearse, learn, and perform an Ancient Greek Tragedy Episode and choral ode showing
understanding of epic acting and gesture, masked theatre, choral speaking and movement.
(Performing to Basketball Court ‘amphitheatre’ and Arts Night ‘School Hall’ Proscenium Arch
Maintain good participation, focus, active listening, mime, and accepting of offers from their
The Year 9 Drama page link.
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