ProCard Coding - University of Central Oklahoma

Coding your ProCard Purchases
You will be able to…
 Search Admin Portal
 Find Examples of Common Expense Account
 Find Examples of Misused Expense Codes
How Much do you Know?
 Do you Already Know some
Information about Coding?
 What are your Coding Needs?
 What do you Want to Learn?
Why is this Important?
 UCO Financial Statements Merge with the State and
Our Expense Codes Need to Reflect Correctly
 You Represent UCO
 Make a Good Impression
 You Need to Follow State and University Guidelines
 Incorrect coding can Lead to Suspension or Revocation
of Your ProCard
Account Coding
Ask the Question:
How will the Item be Used?
Don’t Ask:
What is the Item?
Administration Portal
(Admin Portal)
 Check Admin Portal for the Most Current
Expense Coding Information
 Use Admin Portal to find the Appropriate
Expense Coding Option
 http://administration/portal/
 Open the Accounting File
 Click Finance Acct Codes
Administration Portal
 Ctrl + F on your Keyboard will Allow you to
Search Keywords
Administration Portal
It is Recommended to Map Admin Portal to your
Computer. Mapping to Admin Portal, will Eliminate
Signing in Every Time.
For Complete Instructions on Mapping & Searching
Admin Portal, Follow this Link.
State Defined Expenditure Codes
 State of Oklahoma has many Agencies
 e.g. Tourism, Corrections, Education…
 State Codes have a Broader Scope than
Higher Education
 State Compiles a Report at year end of
all Agencies Financial Data
Expendable Office Supplies
 73614
 Supply Items that are Immediately Expended or Used
Up when Placed in Service.
 e.g. Copy Paper, Paper Clips, Pens, Business Cards, File
 Does Not Include Non-expendable Office Supplies
Non-expendable Office Supplies
 73613
 Cost Less than $500
 Not Immediately Consumed when Placed in
 e.g. Letter Trays, Staplers, Scissors,
Calculators, Lamps, Pictures
Educational Supplies
 73619
 Supplies used for Education and Training
Conducted in a Classroom or Other
Organized Instructional Setting
 Supplies for Student Labs should be
Coded to 73619
Do Not use 73719 – Lab & Medical Supplies
Educational Supplies (Cont.)
 73619
 Ask yourself: Will a Student use the
Item/s Purchased? Will the Item/s be
used for Training?
 e.g. Scantrons, Test Booklets, Scoring
Services, Paper for Computer Lab
 73623
 Examination and Test Materials
 Payment of Fees Associated with
Administering Tests/Examinations by a
Third Party
 e.g. Exams for Acceptance, Test Booklets that
include Service for Scoring Counseling and
Career Service Assessments, Online Exams
Information Services
 73117
 Services and Products used in Collection
and Dissemination of Information to the
General Public
 Informational Purposes within an
e.g. Clipping Service, Subscriptions (Wall
Street Journal, Survey Monkey)
Advertising and Promotional
 73116
 Advertisements Placed in Magazines,
Registers, etc.
 Promotional Items
T-shirts, Hats, Lanyards, Job Ads, Services
Recreational Supplies
 73422
 Recreational Supplies and Materials
 Used for Entertainment and Recreation
Purposes for Students
 e.g. Campus Life Public Events, Crown for
Homecoming Queen, Ropes Course
Supplies, Trophies, Plaques, Flowers
Office Furniture and Equipment
 741xx
 Any Single Item Purchase of Office Furniture
or Equipment Costing More than $500
 73613
Any Single Non-expendable Item Equaling
$500 or Less
 If Non-expendable Single Item Office Supply
is Greater than $500, use 741xxx
Equipment and Furniture – Residential,
Educational and Institutional
 74115
 Furniture and Equipment Used in Residence,
School, Institution, or Facility Operated by
the State, Including: Kitchen Equipment
 e.g. Refrigerator, Beds, School Furniture Over
$500, Floor Cleaning Machines
Food, Catering, Refreshments &
Kitchen Supplies
 73617 – Food And Catering Service
 Vendor Prepared Meals or Food
 Includes Food Cost for Official Meetings
 MERF (Meal Expense Request Form)
 e.g. Pizza, Jimmy Johns, Outback
Food, Catering, Refreshments &
Kitchen Supplies (Cont.)
 73611 – Meeting Refreshments
 Light Food & Drink Items used as
Refreshments for Meetings and Similar
 MERF is Needed
 e.g. Doughnuts, Coffee, Tea, Disposable
Food, Catering, Refreshments &
Kitchen Supplies (Cont.)
 73411 – Food and Kitchen Supplies and Materials
 Only used by Cafeterias
 Do Not use for Kitchen Utensils
Do NOT Use
 73411 – Food & Kitchen Supplies
 You can Code Kitchen Supplies to 73611
 73411 can only be used by Cafeterias
 73615 – Data Processing Supplies
 Allowable Only by the Information and
Technology Office
Do NOT Use
 71xxx – Professional Services
 Cannot Charge Professional Services to ProCard
 72xxx – Travel Expenses
 Use Travel Cards, Not ProCards
 72215- Registration – Agency Direct
ProCard can be Used (Exception)
Questions to Considered
 Is your ProCard Default Expense Account
Number set to 73614 Office Supplies?
 Do you Purchase Expendable Office Supplies
Most Often?
 Yes – Leave your Default Expense Account
Number Alone
 No - Contact Cindy Guthrie at
[email protected] & Request a Change of
your Default Expense Account to the Code
you use Most Often
 How will the Item be Used?
 Admin Portal is Searchable and Can be used
to Determine Expense Account Code
 Do you Recall a few Examples of Account
 Non-expendable Single Items
 Greater than $500 use 74xxx
 Less than $500 use 73613
PaymentNet & Compliance
Cindy Guthrie
Ext 2497
[email protected]
Michelle Freeman
Ext. 2337
[email protected]
Hannah Yeap
Ext. 2486
[email protected]
Statements & Coding
Rebecca Newkirk
Ext. 2598
[email protected] or
[email protected]
Helpful Links
Admin Portal
The End
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