Parent University Presentation on NJ ASK and Study Island

Parent University:
NJ ASK Info &
Study Island
Today’s Agenda
of NJ ASK 3, 4, 5
 Writing
 Reading
 Math
 Science
(Grade 4 ONLY)
Question & Answer Session
When is the test?
Grade 3: May 13-16, 2013
Make-ups: May 20-24, 2013
Grade 4: May 13-17 (Last day is Science)
Make-ups: May 20-24, 2013
Grade 5: May 6-9, 2013
Make-ups: May 13-17, 2013
ELA test Design- NJ ASK
Writing– Narrative & Explanatory Prompts –
30 minutes each
Reading selections -3 each – 30 mins. each
Multiple Choice Questions3rd Grade-18 (6 each)
4th Grade – 24 (8 each)
5th Grade – 30 (10 each)
Open-Ended questions – I for each passage
Reading –
Multiple Choice
- based on reading
passages –fiction and non-fiction
Working with Text - questions in
which students interpret meaning
from the text.
Analyzing Text - students analyze
and critique the text.
Reading – Open Ended
The student must respond in
paragraph form
 For each bullet one paragraph is
 Format– RSS,RSSE
 Students must cite evidence from
text and explain
Writing Prompts
Scored using the NJ Registered Holistic
Scoring Rubric (a 5-point scale).
Scores will be doubled, for a maximum
of 10 points per writing prompt.
The goal is to be Advanced Proficient
Please see Rubric in your packet
Writing - Narrative
Narrative = Speculative
It is a springboard for writing a story.
It should include characters, setting,
and problem/solution
Plan well…….BMELL
Writing –
Informative/ Explanatory
Two types
1) Introduces a topic or
2) Uses a poem to introduce a topic.
Students need to describe, discuss, explain, or
analyze some aspect of the topic.
IBC -- Intro/ Body/ Conclusion
Math format
Math Question Types
short constructed
Find the product of 39 x 11.
Place your answer here: __________
(Correct answer: 429)
Math Question Types
extended constructed
Extended Constructed Response Rubric
3-Point Response
- Shows complete understanding of problem’s math
- Executes all procedures completely
- Gives relevant responses to all parts
- Clear, effective explanation about problem-solving steps
2-Point Response
- Shows nearly complete understanding of problem’s math
- Executes nearly all procedures completely
- Gives relevant responses to most parts
- Somewhat clear, effective explanation about problemsolving steps
1-Point Response
- Shows limited understanding of problem’s math concepts
- Executes procedures incompletely and/or with major errors
- Gives incomplete or inaccurate responses
- Unclear, ineffective or lacking explanation about problemsolving steps
Science – Grade 4 Only
Multiple Choice
Constructed Response
Study Island
math & writing
Common Core- ELA & Math
Science – 4th grade only
Encourage student to
complete 20 mins. daily
Complete a different subject
area each time
2012 Grade 3-5 NJ ASK Parent, Student, and Teacher
Information Guide
NJ ASK/ESPA Sample Tests
Language Arts Literacy Grade 3 and Grade 4 Guide to
Criterion--Based Holistic Scoring: A Writing and Reading
Handbook (samples of scored writing)
NJ ASK A Science Manual Open-Ended Questions Grade
NJ ASK A Mathematics Manual Open-Ended Questions
Grade 3 and Grade 4
We would like to leave you
with one final thought . . .
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