CSAS Update 1-23-15 - Kansas State Department of Education

Dr. Scott Smith, CSAS Director
Kansas State Department of Education
2015 Assessment Windows
 NAEP- last week of January, February, first week of March
 TIMMS- May
 A huge THANK YOU to participating schools!!!
 Kris Shaw
 NAEP and International Assessment
State Coordinator
 Kansas State Department of Education
 [email protected]
 785-296-4926
 Break KITE Day II—January 29
 TEST records and PNP’s need to be completed by February
15. Tickets are expected to be available a week prior to the
opening of the testing window.
 Spring testing window: March 9-May 15.
 ALL tickets will be available at once. For ELA and
mathematics, section 1 must be completed before tickets
for sections 2,3, and 4 will become active.
 MDPT tickets for grade 3-8 will be generated by TEST
records for ELA; for grade 11 they will be generated by TEST
records for history/government.
 For teachers to have rosters for formative assessments,
STCO records must be submitted.
 Dynamic Learning Maps ELA and mathematics window C is
now open and closes March 6. All testlets on required
number of Essential Elements need to be completed by
March 6. The spring window for DLM opens March 16.
 Dynamic Learning Maps
http://dynamiclearningmaps.org/content/operationaltesting Select Kansas from state dropdown menu.
 KSDE http://www.ksde.org/ Search alphabetically.
 Kansas Assessment Program http://ksassessments.org/
• News and updates
• Documentation
 KIDS helpdesk, [email protected], 785-296-7935
 KITE helpdesk, [email protected] , 855-277-9752
 DLM: Deb Matthews, [email protected], 785-296-0916
 KELPA-P and ELPA21: Phyllis Farrar, [email protected] , 785-296-1891
 ELA and MDPT: Suzy Myers-Oertel, [email protected], 785-296-5060
 Mathematics: Melissa Fast, [email protected], 785-296-3486
 Science: Matt Krehbiel, [email protected] , 785-296-8108
 History/government: Don Gifford, [email protected] , 785-296-3892
 Assessments: Mark Stephenson, [email protected] , 785-296-
 Assessments: Lee Jones, [email protected], 785-296-4349
 Find them here:
• community.ksde.org/ela
 Development
• Kansas writing teachers and instructional coaches
• Developed based on the MDPT “framework”
• Posted and notice sent out via listservs December 30,
For all locations:
Cost: FREE!
Time: 9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
February 25th: Wichita, KS
February 27th: Salina, KS
March 2nd:
Holcomb, KS
March 6th:
Topeka, KS
If you are still interested in signing up for any of these sessions, please send an email to:
Suzy Myers-Oertel at: [email protected] by Monday, January 26.
KSDE has trained professionals from
the field ready to assist you at no
cost to your district/school.
Contact Suzy Myers-Oertel at
[email protected] for more
 Sample Multidisciplinary Performance Tasks (MDPT) for Grades
4, 5, 7, and 10
This is a link to the English Language Arts web page under the title 2015 ELA
Assessment there are sample MDPTs for grades 4, 5, 7, 8, and 10. These may be
helpful in planning instruction for those grades. These are ELA assessments so the
social studies topics may not necessarily align with your curriculum. HGSS
assessment items will.
 Using Resource Sets in the Social Studies Classroom Preparing
for the MDPT
This narrated presentation informs teachers and administrators on how the use of resource sets
in the classroom may help prepare students for the performance task section of the HGSS
 KAP HGSS Formative Assessment Document list and Prompts
This link to the CETE formative assessment program (KAP) has access to documents that are
eligible for assessment and practice essay prompt teachers might use to prepare their students
for the rigors of the new HGSS assessment.
All English Learners (ELL)
K to 12
Requires KIDS ‘TEST’
(D84) upload
Window: Feb. 2 – May 1
ELPA21 Field Test
 Voluntary
 ELLs, monitored, former,
non-ELLs, with IEPs
 Any grade, all grades,
especially K and 1
 On computer
 Window: Feb. 2 -Mar.31
 KELPA-P materials, should have by now
 Listening files not delivered
• Use KSDE Website
 Score all assessments locally
 Upload KIDS “TEST” record (D84)
 Report scores to KSDE
• Use KSDE Authenticated Website
• Webinar (1/20) available on ELP assessments webpage.
ELPA21 Field Test
 Thanks for volunteering!!!!
 Registrations closed on 1/16
 Schools already registered can add students until 24 hrs.
before first testing day
 Good learning experience, good interactive demos
 No assessment ‘consequences’ for district, school, student
 ELPA21.org and QuestarAI.com
 More info: Phyllis Farrar (pfarrar), Lee Jones (ljones)
 Summer Professional
Opportunities offered
• Sponsored by the
Learning Services
• Replaces summer
Excellence in Math and Science Teaching Conference
June 22-24, 2015 in Hutchinson, Ks
Training in math and science education will be
provided by current and past MSP grant coordinators.
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