Port, Donghai Bridge, Offshore Wind Farm

Yangshan Deep Water Port
Yangshan Deep Water Port
• Shanghai Port and Port of Houston are
sister ports
• The first phase, which commenced
operations in 2004, can accommodate
2.2 million containers annually and
includes 10 quay cranes.
• When fully completed in 2020, the port
will have four phases in operation with 30
berths capable of handling 15 million
containers annually
Amalgamated by Land Reclamation at
Greater and Little Yangshan Island
20.2 Miles Long Donghai Bridge
Opened on December 1. 2001
First Offshore Wind Farm in Asia
• 102-Megawatt to Power 200,000 homes
• 34 92-meter-high 3 Megawatt Turbines
on the East side of Donghai Bridge in
10-meter deep-water
• First Turbine installed on March 20, 2009
• Connected to the Grid in April 2010
• Cost $351,000,000
• 2nd Phase, another 150-Megawatt to the
west side of Donghai Bridge
“Green Ambassadors of Houston”
Steffi Hu
Haotian Wu
Katya Sheridan
Nina Garcia
Michael Huang
Ruoxi Yu
Lucy Li
Michael Xia
Sara Taylor
Fitsum Abuye
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