There be句型独立主格结构

There be句型
There be句型
1. There + be 动词
There is a student in the classroom.
There ___________
have been (be) great changes since the
open door policy was carried out.
There ______________
is going to be (be) a heavy snow this
2. There + (seem, appear, happen)
There appears to be no doubt about the question.
There doesn’t seem to be a football match
There happened to be a pen on the desk.
3. There + 表示存在或静止状态的动词(live, exist,
lie, sit, stand, remain等)
There remain some problems to be solved.
There exists no life on the Mars.
4. There + 表示运动的动词(come, go, walk, enter,
follow, arrive等)
Suddenly there entered a beautiful lady in white.
There followed a uncomfortable silence.
There came the angry voice of the manager from
the office.
5. There + 表示出现或发生的动词(happen, occur,
emerge, rise, arise等)
There rose a heavy smoke on the plain.
There once occurred an earthquake in Shanghai.
6. There + 表示情态动词或助动词 + (to) be
There must be something wrong with this
machine, for is doesn’t work.
There used to be a small river on our campus.
There can’t have been so many people in the
street at night.
There may have been an accident.
There has to be some trouble.
There has to be some connection between
school education and parents.
7. There + 非谓语动词, 即there to be, there being
I’d like there to be some flowers at home. (宾语)
She denied there being a misunderstanding
between them. (宾语)
There being an airport near our home is a great
advantage. (主语)
There being nothing else to do, we left. (状语)
n.和pron. + doing / done / to do /
adj. / adv. / prep.等
1. 逻辑主语 + doing
Mary coming back, they discussed it together.
= When Mary came back, …
If the weather permits, I will give you a call.
= Weather permitting, …
Since mother was ill in hospital, I had to take
care of her.
= Mother being ill in hospital,…
She watered the flowers, her husband feeding the
= …, and her husband fed the birds.
The earthquake having destroyed everything,
they became homeless.
There being nothing to do, we played games.
= There was nothing to do, and…
He stole the goods in the supermarket, and
there was nobody around.
= …, there being nobody around.
2. 逻辑主语 + done
The table set, we can have dinner now.
= When the table is set, …
If everything is taken into consideration, his plan
seems to be more efficient.
= Everything taken into consideration, …
The little girl was lying on the grass, her hands
crossed under her head.
= …, and her hands were crossed under her
The boy returned three hours later, his face
covered with mud.
3. 加介词(with, without)做伴随状语或定语
The boy lay on the grass, with the sun _________
(shine) upon his face.
The boy lay on the grass, with his eyes _________
The street is beautiful, with trees and flowers
growing (grow) well along it.
He died with his dream __________
unfulfilled (unfulfill).
She started her adventure without anyone
accompanying (accompany) her.
The summer has arrived without us __________
(notice) it.
He left home, without a single word _______
4. 固定搭配
Generally / Strictly / Frankly speaking, …
Judging from…
Speaking of…
Taking …into consideration,…