11.1 Atmosphere

What is the Atmosphere
• Thin layer of air that regulates global
temperature, and filters out dangerous
solar radiation.
• Looks like a thin halo of blue light around
the earth.
Composition of the Atmosphere
• 78% is nitrogen (N2)
• 21% is oxygen (O2)
• 1% are trace gasses
trace gasses
The Layers from Space to Earth
• Thermosphere
• Ionosphere
• Mesosphere
• Stratosphere
• Troposphere
• An easy way to remember the layers is to use the
mnemonic device TIM St.
• T hermo sphere
• I ono sphere
• M eso sphere
• S trato sphere
• T ropo sphere
• Almost all weather occurs in this layer
• Most clouds, wind, rain, snow are in
this layer
• As you go higher in the Troposphere
it gets cooler.
Temperature Inversions
• Hot air is usually closer to the earth
because the sun heats the surface of the
• Temperature inversions- when cool air
gets trapped beneath hot air.
• This happens in Los Angeles and causes
smog = smoke (from cars) + fog (moisture
in air)
• The layer of the atmosphere that
extends upward from the
troposphere to an altitude of 50
• Contains the ozone layer
(Found in the Stratosphere) Ozone
• Ozone comes from the greek ozein “to smell”
• Ionizers make ozone from oxygen
O2 Oxygen
O3 Ozone
Naturally the Sun’s Rays
make ozone from oxygen
O2 Oxygen
O3 Ozone
Depletion of the Ozone Layer
• Occurring over Antarctica
Ozone Depletion
• Caused by some chemicals such as CFC’s
Who cares if the ozone is thinning?
• Ozone provides protection from solar
radiation which can cause skin cancers.
The mesosphere is 50-80 km
This is the coldest layer of the atmosphere -80°C
Noctilucent or "night-shining" clouds (NLCs). Occur in
the mesosphere
• The area of the earths
atmosphere where electrically
charged IONS are found
• Used in radio communications
• Closer to earth during the day
• Farther from the earth at night
Auroras occur in the Ionosphere
Excited ions release light in the
polar regions of the globe
• The hottest layer of the atmosphere
• Thermo = heat
• This is where meteorites can burn up upon
entry into the atmosphere.
The Greenhouse Effect
The causes of the
greenhouse effect
• The burning of fossil fuels to
produce carbon dioxide gas
• Any process that releases carbon
dioxide into the atmosphere
Atmosphere Poster
Label the Layers of the atmosphere
Elevations of the layers
Temperatures of the layers
2 interesting facts about the layers
Draw the two interesting facts in the
appropriate layers
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