Creation Myths hinduism (Powerpoint)

Creation Myths
In the Hindu creation myth, the universe begins and
ends as an ocean. Lying in this ocean is the god Vishnu
in the form of a snake.
Brahma, another Hindu god, comes from a lotus flower.
The lotus flower grows from Vishnu’s navel.
Hindus believe that when this happens Brahma has
woken up, and he began to make the universe. There
are many different descriptions of how he does this.
Some myths say that all living things spring from his
Brahma is the creator of the universe, and our universe
will last for only one day in Brahma’s life, which is billions
of years. At the end of the day for Brahma, the Earth and
universe will be destroyed by Shiva and Brahma sleeps.
When Brahma awakens again, another universe will be
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