Antonio Vivaldi

Antonio Vivaldi
Facts about Vivaldi
Vivaldi was born on March 4,1678.
He died on July 28,1741.
His birth place was in Venice.
Vivaldi’s family
Vivaldi’s father was the son of a tailor
and he was born in 1655 then became
a professional violinist.
When Vivaldi’s dad married to a
woman named Camilla Calicchio they
had nine children whom Antonio Was
the oldest.
Teen Years
His father taught him how to play the
violin in the 1700’s.
His earliest performance was in 1696.
After that he said “his chest was
hurting” {asthma}.
Early Adult Years
He was appointed as the maestro di
violino at the Ospedale della Pieta.
He played through out the decade at
the Pieta.
His first operatic production was the
Orlando finto pazzo.
Mid Adult Years
Antonio Vivaldi went to Mantua to
compose his new opera Armida al
campo d'Egitto where he stayed until
He composed many operas cantatas,
and serenatas.
He was also given the name maestro
di cappella da camera by the Governor.
Late Adult Years
Its believed that he loved to watch the
opening performances of all his new
In his last year of his life, he sold
several works in Vienna.
He died on July 28 in Vienna.
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