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Conceptual Design Presentation
ME 4182
Team: 5 + 1 Guys Engineering
Nathan Bessette,
Rahul Bhatia,
Andrew Cass,
Zeeshan Saiyed,
Glen Stewart
YJ Chok
Automatic White Board Wiper
• Last Time
– Presented
• Revisions to previous deliverables
• Patent research for related systems
– Received review of patent presentation
• Needed to point out critical components of patent
Revision - Example
Automatic White Board Wiper
• This Week
– Conceptual design presentation
Descriptive name
Brief description
Descriptive sketch
Advantages and disadvantages
Buffer Automatic Dry Erase Board
• Utilizes lead screw to
drive a circular buffer
• Worm gear attached
to buffer and driven
by lead screw
provides rotational
• Horizontal movement
by rack and pinion
with moving gear and
motor with stationary
Buffer Automatic Dry Erase Board
• Advantages:
– Horizontal, vertical, and
rotational cleaning action.
– Allows for marker tray to
stay in place.
• Disadvantages:
2 motors
No movement away from
• Points of Interest:
– One motor provides
rotational and vertical
– Rack and pinion horizontal
Simple Linear Felt Wiper
• Vertical slide wiper
• Wheels and tracks to
hang and propel
• Motor on the wiper
• Side ramps to ease
eraser on and off board
• Stop “buttons” to return
wiper to start position
Simple Linear Felt Wiper
• Pros
– Simple design using
inexpensive springs to
apply pressure
– Single motor for horizontal
– Replaceable felt wiper
– Simple stops reduce
reliance on controller
• Cons
– No automated movement
away from board
– Power cable management
– Side ramp required to
ensure wiper slides on and
off white board
Simple Linear Felt Wiper
• Points of interest
– Cap at top can be removed to
replace felt wiper
– Wiper face held back using
simple metal clasp
– Wiper slides up to remove
– Three wheel system drives
wiper horizontally
– Grip material on larger wheels
for no slip
Automatic Whiteboard Eraser
• Uses two separate motors
• A wheel is attached to one motor to drive the assembly on the
• The other motor is used to rotate the eraser
Automatic Whiteboard Eraser
• Advantages:
– The rotating eraser ensures
more surface area to clean
the board
– Relatively easy arrangement
• Disadvantages:
– 2 motors
– Expensive
– No movement away from
• Points of Interest:
– One motor provides
rotational cleaning
– The surface of the track and
the drive wheel should have
enough friction to overcome
any slip conditions
Solenoid Controlled Device
Uses solenoids to draw erasers
to board
Screws on backs of erasers allow
for fine adjustment of distance
from board
Uses U-Grooved wheels on rail
driven by a string pulley system
• Advantages:
– Disengagement from the
board allows for more
control over erasing
– Allows for marker tray to
stay in place.
Possibly expensive
Difficult to create controls
Moving wires for solenoids
Hinged Chain-Drive Felt Whiteboard Wiper
This particular design concept utilizes a felt wiper mounted on a circular shaft fixed to the end plates for the
eraser mechanism along with a double spring hinge at top and bottom for the mount. The AC-powered
controller will drive a window motor propelling a chain around pulleys, similar to a bicycle, with hooks attached
and will return to position to the left of the board real estate.
•Conserves Board
Real Estate
•Easy eraser
•Power not as
•Motor may be
•Spring hinge wear
allows for marker
•Rigid mounting
reduces pressure
Wiper Blade Board Erasing System
- Driven horizontally along
parallel, wall mounted rails
using electric motor driven
- Felt lined wiper blade like
structures sweep across the
board erasing marking in a
horizontal motion
- Wiper blades can be lifted off
the surface of the whiteboard
using hinges and actuators
Wiper Blade Board Erasing System
-Slim, low profile design
-Allows board to be selectively
-2 motors, 2 actuators, 8 wheels
(many parts)
-May be hard to fit in budget
Points of Interest:
-Wheels provide drive and
clamping force along rails
-Blades can be easily fitted with
new cleaning media
Automatic White Board Wiper
• Next Week
– Mid-Term Presentations
• Present progress so far
• Simple mockup or prop needed for demonstration of
the best conceptual design
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