PowerPoint - Plain Local Schools

The Machine Age
We are moving from a farming nation to
an industrial nation.
 Inventions and industry changed the
way Americans lived, worked, and
Inventions and Change
Inventors improved earlier inventions
and created new ones
 The government gave out patents for
 Patent- a government grant that allows
the inventor to make, use, and sell an
invention for a certain time
A Remarkable Inventor
His invention of the light
bulb in 1879 changed the
life in U.S. cities. Electric
lights made people feel
safe. Large buildings
could be lighted with less
danger for fire.
His inventions were
created in his lab in
Menlo Park, NJ. He soon
became known as the
Wizard of Menlo Park.
Some American Inventions,
George Pullman
Sholes, Glidden, Soule’
George Westinghouse
Elijah McCoy
Alexander Graham Bell
Thomas Edison
James J. Ritty
George Eastman
John Loud
James Duryea
Railroad sleeping car, 1865
Typewriter 1868
Air brake 1868
Device that oils engines 1872
Telephone 1876
Phonograph 1877
Cash Register 1879
Easy to use camera
Ballpoint pen
Gas powered auto