Synesthesia Power Point



Medical Synesthesia

• ABC News:

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Medical Synesthesia

• Crossing of Senses

• Types:

– Colored Letters or Numbers

– Colored Sounds

– Flavored Sounds

– Numbers/Days with Personalities

Medical Synesthesia

• House- “I started to hear through the eyes.”


• Futurama- “What smells like blue?” “Did everything just taste purple for a second?”


• “T’s are generally crabbed, ungenerous creatures. U is a soulless sort of thing. 4 is honest, but 3…I cannot trust.” -Synesthete

Literary Synesthesia

• Crossing of senses to create a stronger description

• Examples: loud/cool/warm colors, smooth sounds, spicy rhythm, sweet smells, feeling blue, green with envy, saw red, tastes purple, and happy food/objects.

• What can you add?

Synesthesia Worksheet

• Now it’s your turn. On the Synesthesia worksheet, work with your table to fill in the blanks with your own examples. We will work on this for ten minutes and then share as a class.

Your examples

• Write these down on your paper

• Happiness:

-Tastes Like: Strawberries, sugar and tea, peaches, chocolate, cookies, butterscotch

-Feels Like: Silk, flying, water, milk

-Sounds Like: Birds, pop, laughter, music

-Smells Like: Candy, cotton candy, daisies, cinnamon, roses

-Looks like: Sunshine, yellow, no homework, dog biscuits and milk,

• Fear

– Tastes Like: Dirt, blood, medicine, curdled milk, hot soup

– Feels Like: Jello, beef chunks, chilly day, pit in your stomach, cold glass

– Sounds Like: High-pitched, screams, grinding metal, crying

– Smells Like: Bad breath, gas, butter and eggs,

– Looks Like: Spiders, buzzards, monster, Lady Gaga, grey, scarlet

• Work:

– Tastes Like: Fruit Juice, coffee, sweat, burnt toast,

– Feels Like: Sand, square, money, needles, charley horses

– Sounds Like: Typing, sighs, yawning, rustling papers, hammering, clanking pots

– Smells Like: Sweat, manure, air freshener, cat, grease, paper

– Looks Like: Piles of Leaves, paper clips, holes, navy blue, money

• Play:

– Tastes Like: Coca-Cola, cake, lollypops, lemonade, candy, pop rocks, strawberries, tropical fruits

– Feels Like: Gentle Rain, wind, playground, adrenaline, silk, dog biscuits, skinned knees,

– Sounds Like: Laughter, birds chirping, screaming, whispers, yelling,

– Smells Like: Flowers, grass, fresh air, ramen noodles, cotton candy

– Looks Like: Bubbles, stars, hearts, tag, fields, green