Optimizing the Locations of Cables
for Current Rating
Presented by Wael Moutassem
Supervisors: Reza Iravani, George Anders
• What is current rating of a cable?
• Cables in duct bank and casing
• Algorithm: Vector-Immune-System (VIS)
• Optimization results
Cable Current Rating
• Current rating: maximum current carried by cable
without overheating, caused by Joule and
dielectric losses.
• Losses in conductor, sheath
and armour.
• Dissipation of heat outwards
through layers to surroundings
• Neighbouring cables affect
Joule losses and cause added
• Electro-thermal model
including all cables in an
Equations for current ratings of
cables based on their
parameters and configuration
Cables in Duct Bank or Casing
Vector Immune System Algorithm
• Use VIS algorithm to determine configurations for
largest and smallest current ratings.
VIS Operations
• Mutation: exchange
• Mutation: inversion
Optimization Results- Duct bank
Largest Total
5,703 Amperes
Smallest Total
3,438 Amperes
Difference = 2,265
Optimization Results- Casing
Largest Total
2,850 Amperes
Smallest Total
2,766 Amperes
Difference = 84 Amperes
• Genetic algorithm used to determine best
and worst case configurations.
• Duct bank study shows the large
difference in possible total current rating
• Casing study shows effect on current
rating of cables proximity to steel casing
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