Imperialism in India

Aim: How did British Imperialism affect India?
• Do Now: What can you infer about British
imperialism in India from this picture?
Mr. McEntarfer * Global History * HSLPS
Sir Raghubir Singh,
Maharaja of Bundi
Soon all
will be red
Who controls the dark red
areas? Orange?
India: 18c-early 19c
Darjeeling Railroad, 1880s
Is this a positive
or a negative
affect of
Outlawing Suttee (sati)
What is “Sati”.
Fighting the Thuggees
What part of our modern
language do we derive from
Thuggees? Why?
The British tried to end the Caste System
of India, but it is persistent.
How was
your caste
determined in
British Opium Warehouse in Patna, India
What is opium? Why
wouldn’t people want it
being sold in their country?
Selling Patna
Opium in China
The Sepoy Mutiny:
A Sepoy was an Indian
Soldier employed by
the British to help them
control the country?
These men were Muslim
and Hindu.
A rumor spreads that
the gun cartridges
given to them by the
British are greased with
cow and pig fat.
When the British tell
them that they must
bite off the tips of these
cartridges to load their
guns they rebel. Why
Execution of Sepoys:
“The Devil’s Wind”
How did the British handle
the aftermath of the Sepoy
Mutiny. Do you think this
was effective?
the Indian National Congress
 1885  The Indian National Congress
was founded in Bombay.
 swaraj  “independence.”
* the goal of the movement.
The Muslim League
 1905  partition of Bengal based on
religions and languages.
 1906  creation of the Muslim
How might the Muslim
league and the Indian
National Congress have
difficulty when it comes
to ending British rule?
• What positive things did the British do in
• What negative things occurred during the
British occupation?
• What obstacles did the people of India
face in attempting to gain their
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