Urban Decay & Urban Sprawl

Urban Decay & Urban Sprawl
Rapid city growth means rapid movt from city to
suburbs… creates zones of decay in inner city &
urban sprawl in suburbs.
Inner city:
Decay: Derelict buildings, poor housing &
closure of industries, lack of open space
Old people remained as young couples left.
Re-housed in multi storey buildings… poorly
maintained or moved entire cmty to suburbs.
High crime rate, umemploy. & poor physical
environ… social problems.
Lack of employ in factories as most have moved.
Urban Sprawl: Takes over agric. land
Car ownership… allows people to live away from
work & facilities… adds to city expansion.
Access to work… daily commute…. Expansion had
merged suburbs & cities as demand for housing
Industry…. Large scale ind. move to edge of city in
ind. estates with access & space… attracts other
Absence of communities: Entire inner city cmtys rehoused E.g. Ballymun… separated families, friends
& generations… created insecurity.