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Angel Island
Angel Island
 Building
of “China Cove” as Angel
Island began in 1905.
 Located in California, the purpose
of the Island was to keep control
of Asians coming into the U.S.
 We know much less about Angel
Island because records were lost.
Angel Island
 Unlike
Ellis Island which
welcomed immigrants Angel
Island was originally a detention
center for Chinese who were
attempting to enter the U.S.
 Due to the Chinese Exclusion Act,
Chinese were not allowed into the
Angel Island
 While
the Chinese were excluded
from coming in, Japanese
immigrants were allowed to
Picture Brides
 Often
the early immigrants were
“picture brides”.
 Women who had been matched
with men in the United States via
a match maker and were coming
to the U.S. to marry.
Life on Angel Island
 Men
and women were held
separately, just like Ellis Island.
 Immigrants were interrogated for
days in hopes that they would
have to be deported.
 Immigrants would be held for
days, months, or years before
being either deported or released.
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