Where Is Vimy Ridge…

“In those few moment’s I
witnessed the berth of a nation.”
BGen A.E. Ross
Who Fought At Vimy Ridge
Germans Vs.
Vimy Ridge Facts
• The Battle began at 5:30 am on Easter Monday, April 9,
• It was the first time that all four divisions of the Canadian
forces fought together.
• Britain and France were both unable to capture Vimy
Ridge and they lost 150,000 men in their attempts.
• Canada was able to capture Vimy ridge because of their
powerful artillery and their sound tactical planning.
• In this battle alone 4 Victoria Crosses awarded, the
victory Cross is Canada’s highest award for bravery.
• Battle ended April 14, 1917.
• Vimy Ridge marked the turning point in the war in favor
of the Allies.
How It Went Down
• The Canadians attacked the German’s on the morning of
April 9, at around 5:30
• The started by blowing up two mines that ran under the
enemy front lines
• Canadian’s immediately began opening fire on the
• Canadian’s scrambled over the trenches and into “no
man’s land.”
• When they arrived at the German’s front line they were
surprised to see that most of the men had retreated to
the second line.
• Canadians initial attack depleted the Germans forces,
eventually leading to the defeat of the German's at Vimy.
Where Is Vimy Ridge…
The Battle of Vimy Ridge
Importance to Canada
Why It Was Important To Canada.
Although 3,000 Canadians were killed and 7,000
injured, the capture of Vimy Ridge was the first time
in history that Canadian units fought together as
one. This became the symbol of Canada’s
independence and nationhood. Troops were soon
recognized as the best troops on the Western Front.
Canadian General Arthur Currie was promoted to
replace British General Byng. Britain no longer
commanded Canadian troops. The Victory at Vimy
Ridge literally put Canada on the map.
Why Vimy Ridge
Appealed to Canada
Why Canada strove to capture
Vimy ridge
Strategic Advantages
• The Ridge was extremely difficult to penetrate
because the enemy had the higher vantage.
• It was considered the Germans most important
camp which is why it was so heavily guarded.
• The Germans built three trenches, barbed wire,
a tunnel system, and a light railway.
• Behind Vimy Ridge was where German artillery
and ammunitions factories resided.
• The Canadians had fired over 1 million shells
even before the battle had begun.
Vimy Ridge During WW1
No Mans Land
Vimy Ridge Now
No Mans Land
The Vimy Monument
It took eleven years and $1.5
million to build and was
unveiled on July 26, 1936 by
King Edward VIII, in the
presence of President Albert
Lebrun of France and 50,000
or more Canadian and
French veterans and their
• Carved on its walls
are the names of the
11, 285 Canadians
lost in the war without
a known grave.
• Of Canada's 66,655 dead in WWI, more than 7,000 are
buried in 30 cemeteries within 16 km of Vimy. Many of
the graves bear the marking "Known only unto God",
because of the difficulty in identifying the remains.
Though the victory at Vimy came swiftly, it did not
come without cost. There were 3,598 dead out of
10,062 Canadian casualties.