Vectors PPT

• Scalar Quantity = A measured quantity
needing only magnitude.
• Examples: Distance and Speed
• Vector Quantity = A measured quantity
having both magnitude (size) and
• Examples: Displacement, Velocity and
• A vector quantity can be represented by
an arrow tipped line segment.
• The length of the line, drawn to scale,
represents the magnitude of the
• The direction of the arrow indicates the
direction of the quantity.
• This arrow tipped line segment
represents a vector.
Addition of Vectors
• Can add vectors by using the tail to
head method.
• Place the tail of the second vector
to the head of the first.
• The sum or resultant is the length
of the line drawn from the tail of
the first to the head of the last.
Addition of Multiple Vectors
The order of addition does not effect the sum.
Addition of Vectors in Two Dimensions
• Using Pythagorean theorem the resultant vector can
be determined when vectors are at right angles
Problem: Find the magnitude of the addition of the following two vectors
11 meters North + 11 meters East
Trigonometry with Vectors
East of North
Practical Application of the
Addition of Vectors