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Jennie Laramie
Famous Cities in France
• Paris, Lyon, Dijon,
Lille, and Strasbourg.
Paris is the capital of France and is
populated with 2,142,800 people and is
visited by many people all over the world.
Paris, France is the home to the Eiffel
Tower, one of the most visited structures in
the world.
The Eiffel Tower
• Built in 1889 by
Gustave Eiffel, the
Eiffel Tower is one of
the most visited
structures in the
World. Sitting in the
capital of France,
Paris, the tower
stands at 2,000 feet
The French Riviera
Also know as the Cote d’Azur,
the French Riviera is known as
one of the best places visited
in France. With approximately
300 days of sunshine in a year,
it attracts tourist from all over
the world.
The Alps
One of the most known mountain ranges in the world, The
Alps, run through the east of France. Many people in
France ski down the mountains.
French Clothing
• The French and
American daily
clothing is very
similar. What woman,
men and children
wear varies day to
day, just as it does in
French Food
Similar to China, the
French foods are very
diverse. The French
are very passionate
about the taste, look
and presentation of
their food.
French Homes
Just like America,
homes and France
are both newly built
and some are from
earlier in history. But
both types of homes
are used equally.
French Music
France has been considered the center of European art
and music. Indigenous folk music is mostly listened to
and many famous composers are from France.
Café in France
Café’s or coffee shops,
are very important in
a French persons life.
When they go to the
Café, they sit and
watch the streets and
people for hours. It is
a relaxing time for
many people in
Arc de Triomphe
The arch was
constructed by
Napoleon in 1806. It
was built to symbolize
his victories.
Claude Monet
One of the most famous artist in history, Claude Monet,
was born and raised in France. Famous for paintings of
“water lilies,” and “Monet Sunflowers” he stands one of
the best artists that has ever lived.
More paintings…
Gustave Eiffel
Famous for building one of the most visited structures in the world,
Gustave Eiffel built the Eiffel Tower. He left the earth unforgotten
because of what he left us, The Eiffel Tower.
France is one country that is traveled to by many people
all over the world. Because of its people, buildings and
all around beauty, it is not surprising why it is visited so
much. I hope to be able to visit France some time in my
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