JOINT RESEARCH CENTRE - European Soil Portal

Multi-scale European Information System
Navigate in a Regional Reference Grid: a large trans-boundary
area by zooming in from upper scales towards more detailed data.
European Soil Erosion Risk
Alpine Area (5 Countries): 11 x 7 = 77 cells
Area: 770,000 Km2
Cell Size
100km x 100km
INSPIRE objective: Develop “nested” systems
Regional Italian Alpine Area
Alpine: 7,700 cells of 10km x 10km
10km x 10km
Regional Scale
Local Italian Alpine Area
1km x 1km
Local Scale
Towards Multi-scale EIS : a participatory approach
Regional Environmental projects:
Exchange of harmonised information
 Create a useful network among regional and national
institutions which own and manage environmental data
 Give an overview of available information on regional
environmental themes
 Exchange of knowledge and experience among different
regions, different countries
 Set up and update of shared environmental databases in
regional level (themes: Air quality, Water, Soil, etc)
 Use of participatory approach, according to the principles of
INSPIRE (local ->Regional -> Country -> E.U)
 Develop common procedures to allow data exchange
 Definition of a common format for data exchange
 Testing of the exchange format in sample areas
 Filling in the exchange format and updating databases
Interoperability: importance of standards
Use of Mapping Internet Services:
 Stand-Alone web based application for the navigation of
environmental maps (Web mapping services)
 Towards web instead of desktop applications
 Use Inspire principles and OGC Standards for the creation of
spatial data infrastructures
Importance of Metadata:
 Standard ISO 19115
 Public users should have access to environmental and may
be able to discover available spatial data
Use of standards
 Use of the same co-ordinate systems:
• LAEA_ERTS INSPIRE Reference Grid: Lambert
Azimuthal Equal Area
 Metadata Standards: ISO 19115
 Use of WMS interoperability
 Mapping unit: Raster cell or Polygon?
 Pixel size: multiply by 1km (100 km, 10km, 1km, 100m…etc)
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