Deserts and Drought

Drought: A long period of abnormally low rainfall, which
effects growing and living conditions.
Desert;a region with very little rain, no or little vegetation.
Deserts are expanding and there
are more Droughts because of
global warming.
Global warming is the increase of the
normal temperature of the earths
atmosphere. It is caused by the burning of
fossil fuels which releases CO2. The
building of green house gasses as well.
Because of these reasons
global warming is caused
Desert Facts!!!
The desert is the
hottest habitat on
the earth. It can be
over 100 degrees.
The Sahara is the
largest desert in
the world.
The odd time that
it rains in the
desert it pours
very heavily.
Some deserts
may be called
“Death Valley”
or “ the place
with no return”.
Deserts cover
one third of
the Earth’s
Animals and Plants in the Desert
Kangaroo Rat
And many more…
•Droughts are effecting many places all over the world.
•In some places there is no water at all and
many people die because of it.
•It is very hard to prevent droughts because
usually they are caused by lack of rainfall.
Expanding Desert and
Drought Prevention Quiz!!!
Question #1
True or False… We can help prevent
global warming by polluting as much as
Question #2
Multiple Choice… Which of the following does
not help decrease expanding deserts and
A. Reduce, Recycle and Reuse
B. Burning Fossil Fuels
C. Shut The Lights Off When no One is in The Room
D. Get Your Name Off The Junk Mail List
Question #3
True or False…It is hard to prevent expanding
deserts and more droughts???
Question #4
Multiple Choice…Which of the following helps
prevent expanding desert and drought.
A. Do not litter
B. Turn down the temperature 2°
C. Fill up your washing machine
D. All of the above
Question #5
True or False…Each time you turn on the T.V you are
contributing to expanding deserts and droughts.
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