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To have an understanding of the layout of
To become aware of the famous
sites to see within the city.
To learn of some great restaurants to
try no matter your budget.
The City of Rome
Here are just a few of the recommended sites
to visit while in the Eternal City…
Baths of Caracalla
St Peter's Basilica
Vatican museums
Sistine Chapel
San Giovanni in Laterano
Trevi Fountain
Domus Aurea
Spanish Steps
Off the Beaten
Etruscan Museum
Ostia Antica
 Holy Week- the most important
week in the Roman Catholic religion.
Millions of Catholic make pilgrimages
to the city each year to hear the pope’s
 Good Friday- there is a procession
of the cross from Colosseum to
Capitlone Hill.
 Summer Festivals-Jazz at the Villa Celimontana
-Along the River- north bank of the Tiber
where there is volleyball, in-line
skating, and art shows.
-Festa di Noantri- art shows, crafts, and
food venders fill Trastevere
Public Holidays
6 January - Epiphany
March/April - Easter Monday
25 April - Liberation Day
1 May - Labour Day
29 June - Feast of Sts Peter & Paul
15 August - Feast of the Assumption
1 November - All Saints' Day
8 December - Feast of the
Immaculate Conception
25 December - Christmas Day
26 December - Feast of Santo
Want good food at cheap prices?
Fodor’s top six restaurants for under 13Eur are:
Dal Toscano-under 13Eur to 18 Euro- Tuscan tratorria near the Vatican
that is famous for its grilled meat like pork and lamb chops.
Dar Poeta-under 13Euro- a popular pizzeria with locals, and they claim
to make a pizza that is easier to digest than others.
Grappolo D’Oro-under 13Euro and 18Euro- featured in the New Yorker
in an article on classic Roman tratorrias. Even with the publicity, the
owners serve everything the way the customer wants it.
Il Leoncino-under 13 Euro- expect to wait in line for a slice of pizza at
this fluorescent lit pizzeria, it’s also open for lunch.
La Soffitta-under 13Euro-hottest spot for Neopolitan pizza and is the
only pizzeria certified by the Neaopolitan Pizza Association.
Remo-under 13Euro- a favorite of locals and students, expect classic
Roman pizza and a good conversation.
Fodor’s top six restaurants in a middle price range:
1. Alberto Ciarla- 18Euro to 23Euro- famous for fish, but there are 6
other menus that feature different meats, pasta dishes, and deserts.
2. Cesare- 13Euro-23Euro- near the Vatican most known for its cured
3. Myosotis- 13Euro to 23Euro- located near the Pantheon and focuses
on freshness rather than elaborate presentation, its pasta is made by
hand daily, winning the restaurant many praises.
4. Osteria Dell’Angelo- 18Euro to 23Euro- order family size portions
with large groups and try a little of everything Roman. Reservations
are necessary.
5. Papa Baccus- 18Euro to 23Euro- Rome’s best Tuscan restaurant
that focuses on new fish dishes after mad-cow disease hurt business.
Reservations are essential.
6. Taverna Angelica- 13Euro to 18Euro- situated near St. Peter’s
Basilica and only has twenty seats which allows the chef to make sure
each dish is done to perfection. Reservations are necessary.
Fodor’s top three nicest and most expensive restaurants:
• Il Simposio Di Constantini- 18Euro to over 23Euro- a
classy wine bar and restaurant with a wrought-iron and velvet
décor and extensive menu, not to mention 30 different wines.
• La Pergola- over 23Euro- the rooftop restaurant in the
Cavalieri Hilton on top of Monte Mario has a romantic
environment along with one of the best chefs in Rome.
Reservations are essential and so is a coat and tie.
• La Rosetta- over 23Euro- this is the place to go for fresh fish
in Rome, whether you order a simple appetizer, a full course, or
try a home-made dessert, the food will be excellent. Reservations
are essential.
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