SGI Spirit

SGI Spirit
• Fighting authority to protect purity of
Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism.
• Standing Alone Spirit.
• Actualize Mentor's Vision:
• Mentor & Disciple.
President Makiguchi
Fighting authority to protect purity of
Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism
President Makiguchi
• Encountered Nichiren Daishonin's
Buddhism in 1928.
• After critically examining Japanese
education and society, wrote that
education is the key element in any
move toward the revolutionary
reconstruction of society.
• Established Soka Kyoiku Gakkai in
• During World War II, hoping to ward off
persecution by the militarist government,
which was promoting State Shinto as a
means to spiritually unite the Japanese
nation, the priesthood accepted and
enshrined the Shinto talisman at the head
temple Taiseki-ji and insisted that
President Makiguchi and Soka Kyoiku
Gakkai members also accept the talisman.
• This amounted to an outrageous
slander of the Daishonin's teaching.
When President Makiguchi declared his
absolute refusal to comply, the priesthood
secretly allied itself with forces persecuting
the Soka Kyoiku Gakkai.
• President Makiguchi was fighting
authority to protect purity of Nichiren
Daishonin's Buddhism until he died in
prison at the age of 73.
President Toda
Standing Alone Spirit
Reconstruction of Soka Gakkai
• After being released from the prison, President Toda
realized that the Soka Gakkai was completely
destroyed; members and even leaders turned away
from the Gohonzon. President Toda was alone.
• At the same time, he realized it is time to reconstruct
Soka Gakkai. President Toda declared that the
Gakkai's sole mission is to carry those who are
confused to the Gohonzon.
The Master of Shakubuku
• Having shakubuku as the goal for the Soka
Gakkai, and following his mentor, President
Makiguchi's word, (which expressed that to
expand the kosen-rufu movement into entire
Asia,) President Toda had accomplished the
goal of shakubuku of 750,000 households by
1957 before he passed away April 2, 1958.
President Ikeda
Actualize Mentor's Vision: Mentor & Disciple
Josei Toda Said:
"Shin'ichi, the world is your challenge; it is your
true stage. It is a vast world."
"Shin'ichi, you
must live ! You
must live as long
as your can and
travel the global."
President Ikeda Achieved:
• SGI has members in 128 countries.
• President Ikeda has visited 52 countries
in the world.
• He has propagated Nichiren
Daishonin's Buddhism to the world.
Josei Toda Said:
"Shin'ichi, do you
think you can
accomplish a
membership of
three million
households in the
next seven years?"
President Ikeda achieved:
• President Ikeda achieved 3 million
households within seven years after
President Toda passed away.
• Now, there are 15 million members in
the world.
Excerpt from "Vanguard Chapter"
in New Human Revolution II
A breakthrough
achieved by a
forerunner opens the
way for a great flow
of advancement.
By continuing to forge ahead in the forefront,
acting as Toda's right hand, Shin'ichi could
become a genuine successor.
Excerpt from "Vanguard Chapter" in
New Human Revolution II (cont.)
There is a difference between being a follower
and a successor. Followers are those who
position themselves in the rear safely away
from the real struggle and remain ignorant of
the hardships involved in pioneering a
movement. Those who merely follow someone
else's lead cannot possibly fulfill the
responsibility required of successors.
A true successor must stand in the vanguard
and raise the flag of victory.
From Makiguchi to Toda,
Toda to Ikeda,
Now to us...
Faith, practice and study are the basics of
Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism.
Essence of Nichiren Daishonin's Teachings.
What is right and wrong.
SGI members, we might ask ourselves whether
we could clearly explain this issue to someone
If we are asked: "What is the temple issue
about?" or "How can you say that the SGI is
correct and Nichiren Shoshu is wrong?"
Can we give a convincing answer?
Temple issue is a great opportunity to learn Justice.
• True nature of human beings possess both good and evil
• To receive the actual fact of what Nichiren Daishonin
mentioned in a Gosho regarding good and evil.
• Overcoming the devilish function of Nikken sect.
At the beginning of
the Great Light
Chapter in New
Human Revolution,
President Ikeda
"As an organization committed to the great Law
of Buddhism, the Soka Gakkai is the sun for
the entire world. The sun's primordial brilliance
dispels the darkness of mistrust and hatred,
casting the bright light of peace upon the Earth.
"Even into the darkest valleys of misery and despair, it
sheds the light of hope, transforming the human realm,
which surges with suffering, into a beautiful flower
garden of joy."
"Nothing can stop the progress of the sun, which
advances majestically on its own orbit, high above the
black clouds of envy and jealousy. Even into the darkest
valleys of misery and despair, it sheds the light of hope,
transforming the human realm, which surges with
suffering, into a beautiful flower garden of joy."
"One sun illuminated the entire world. It is the same in
the real of kosen-rufu. A resolute stand by just one
person can protect all others and break through the
darkness of society, heralding a new dawn of justice.
What matters is the presence of one earnest person, of
one fervently committed individual."
"Moreover, there is a sun in everyone's heart. Those who
embrace Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism become suns
that illuminate the way to happiness for their families and
The success of the propagation into the future depends
on how we can develop ourselves as the sun for other
Shishi-ku "Lion's - Roar"
• The earnestness and vigor of the disciples'
vow are expressed by the famous line, "to
roar the lion's roar" in the Lotus Sutra.
(LS13, 193)
• This is the united
action of Mentor
and disciple.
Shishi-ku "Lion's - Roar" (cont.)
SHI Mystic Law passed on by the mentor
SHI Mystic Law as it is received by the
"Roaring the Lion's Roar"
The Daishonin further clarifies that the verb roar,
here, means to initiate or put forth. He says,
"Roaring the lion's roar' refers to the initiating of
Nam-myoho-renge-kyo in the Latter Day of the
Law." (Gosho Zenshu, p.748)
Lion's Roar
To 'initiate' is to take
positive action. This
is entirely different
from doing
something because
someone has told
you to; such a
passive practice has
nothing to do with
"the lion's roar."
The mentor "roars"; but then it is up to the
disciples to "roar" in response.
Lion's Roar (cont.)
Without President Ikeda's action, nobody had a
chance to know about President Toda and also
President Makiguchi.
However, at the first Temple Issue in 1979,
nobody was with him, and no one was able to
understand his vision.
This is a time for us to fight with President Ikeda,
for sake of Law and happiness of all human
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