Solution example in offshore oil industry

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Reducing the cost of
communicating with
remote sites
Solution Scenario
Offshore Oil and Gas
Issue: Communication with offshore platforms
is expensive and has limited bandwidth
Industry: Oil and Gas
Headquarters located
Requires report information
from platforms
Requires graphical displays,
trends and production information
Expensive communication between
onshore and offshore sites
 Bandwidth of satellite communication is limited, so direct
communication between onshore and offshore must be
minimized to avoid overloading
Industrial IT Solution
Industry: Oil and Gas
Inform IT Enterprise Historian
servers (collection) are located
on each platform
Enterprise Historian consolidation
server is located onshore
Historical data is collected
offshore and is distributed to the
onshore server
Enterprise Historian Collection
Enterprise Historian Consolidation
Onshore local information access
Industry: Oil and Gas
Onshore, the historian
server has local access
to the consolidated
information (hourly
values) from the remote
Visualization through
graphic displays and
Onshore local information access
Industry: Oil and Gas
 Excel based reports are
created onshore using
DataDirect add-ins.
 A Production Planning
system uses historical
information to determine
production capability.
Scheduling information
is then sent back to the
offshore platforms.
 Onshore, the
consolidated information
is available at a glance
without having to
request information from
each offshore platform
Industrial IT solution: Minimized communication
cost and efficient data access
Industry: Oil and Gas
Inform IT’s ability to distribute
and consolidate data reduces
communication cost by over
Satellite communication is
approximately 10 times more
expensive than land based
Errors in data transmission are
reduced by staying within the
bandwidth limitations. The
number of requests and
quantity of data required
across the satellite link has
been decreased.