Canoeing Test Review

Canoeing Test Review
To straighten the canoe when
the sternman is paddling alone.
J Stroke
The bowman turns the canoe by
placing the paddle in the water @ a
45 angle diagonally forward.
Bow Rudder
To move the canoe forward.
Bow water stroke
To move the canoe sideways
towards your paddling side.
The sternman turns the canoe
by placing the paddle @ a 45
angle diagonally backwards.
Stern Rudder
To spin or turn the canoe
towards your paddling side.
Reverse Sweep
To move the canoe sideways
away from your paddling side.
Push away
To move the canoe backwards
To spin or turn your canoe away
from your paddling side.
Forward sweep
When boarding a canoe
alongside a dock, the first
person to enter is the…
To maintain stability while
entering or moving in the canoe
you should walk along the _____
and keep your weight on your
hands as you place them on the
Keel, Gunwhales
When referring to the left side
of the canoe facing the bow, the
nautical term is…
When referring to the right side
of the canoe facing the bow, the
nautical term is…
This combination of strokes is
used to move the canoe
sideways when paddling on
opposite sides…
Push away & Draw
To spin the canoe, when the
bowman does a forward sweep,
the sternman does a…
Reverse Sweep
The sternman does a forward
sweep by placing the paddle…
Towards the tip of the canoe &
moves it in a semi-circle to their
Law requires that there must be
one lifesaving device on board
the craft for…
Each person on board
PFD stands for…
Personal Floatation Device
You and your partner fall out of
the canoe. The canoe swamps.
You should…
Re-enter the swamped canoe
and paddle it to shore.
If your canoe capsizes in moving
water, stay on the ________side
so you don’t get trapped
between the canoe and an
upcoming object
Who approves PFD’s?
US Coast Guard
These are “drowning machines”.
Water goes over the top &
creates a back current that can
trap & hold a person, boat, or
any floating object…
Lowhead Dams
These are objects that allow the
water to pass through, but pin
the boat and boater. Brush,
fallen trees, & bridge pilings are
This indicates the safest route
through fast water…
Downstream V
This can occur when the air or
water temperature is less than
70 degrees…
When changing positions in the
canoe who moves first…