Haiti and Pakistan update (primary)

Haiti and Pakistan:
Moving forward
January 2011
12 January: Haiti
It is one year since a major
earthquake hit Haiti, measuring
7.0 on the Richter scale.
It was the strongest earthquake
in Haiti in more than 200 years.
Around 250,000 people died
and more than 1.5 million
people lost their homes.
July: Pakistan
It is also six
months since
Pakistan was hit
by monsoon
storms, bringing
the worst rain for
80 years.
An area larger
than England was
flooded and about
20 million people
were affected.
Your support
CAFOD supporters donated £8.25m to
help the people of Haiti and Pakistan.
Schools alone
Thank you!
Carmen and family
In any emergency
the first need is for
clean water, food
and shelter.
People may also
need medical
This is how CAFOD
partners in Haiti
and Pakistan used
your donations in
the first few days
and weeks.
How is your
money being used?
Haiti now
Our partners used funds
for medicine, water
treatment and health
They are also helping to
make the camps better by
building safe toilets and
delivering gallons of water,
which helps to stop the
spread of cholera.
Pakistan now
In Pakistan our
partners have helped
more than 124,000
people so far.
They have been
supplying food,
water, health care
and hygiene kits
with soap and cloths
to filter water.
Pakistan now
Rashida (11) and her
mother, Sat Bai, fled
to Karachi, living first
on the street, then in
When they returned
to their village they
found that their
home and animals
had been swept away
and that Rashida’s
brother had drowned.
Pakistan now
CAFOD partners
provided a new
temporary shelter.
Sat says: “My
daughter and I
made the mud wall
and levelled the
land for the
foundations. I was
very happy to get a
shelter and this is
now my home.”
The future
CAFOD does not leave once an emergency is over.
Our partners will stay in Haiti and Pakistan for at least
three years helping people to rebuild their lives.
The future - Pakistan
Our partners in Pakistan
will continue to support
those living in areas
that are still flooded.
They will also provide
seeds, livestock and
tools so that families
like Rashida’s can again
support themselves.
The future - Haiti
In Haiti, our
partners will
continue to
support people
living in camps.
Tons of rubble
must still be
cleared but
already some
temporary houses
have been built.
Let us pray...
Infant Jesus,
Your birth brought hope to our world.
We pray for the people of Haiti and
In this new year may their hope be
renewed and fulfilled.
Give strength and wisdom to all who are
helping them as they rebuild their lives.
Picture credits
Mike Noyes/CAFOD
Lucy Morris/CAFOD
Nana Anto-Awuakye/CAFOD
Kate Orlinsky/Caritas Internationalis
Asad Zaidi/CRS
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