33 in 1 Deluxe Electronic Exploration kit

33 in 1 Deluxe Electronic
Exploration kit
By: Emil Boyagoda,
Thomas O’Rourke,
Speakers are electromechanical transducers
which transforms electrical current into sound
Electrolytic Capacitor
Electrolytic Capacitor
A electrical device that contains polarity. They
have positive and negative electrodes. The
capacitor job is to store electricity. The
capacitor functions as a a type of filter that
passes AC current and blocks DC current.
Disc Capacitor
Disc capacitors very small, circular figure that
contains a ceramic dielectric which is a
material that is a poor conductor of electricity
but a very good supporter of any electro static
Introduced in the 20th century by Walter Brattain,
William Shockley, and John Bardeen. The transistor
has allowed the creation of the integrated circuit (IC).
A basic transistor is a 3 lead device that has a base,
collector and emitter lead. Transistors have polarity
and can amplify weak signals, switch higher current
loads with a small signal output. Transistors use
lower amounts of electricity, they’re smaller, and
produce less heat than vacuum tubes.
Electromagnetic Coil
Electromagnetic Coil
The electromagnetic coil results in
electromagnetism, which is the production of a
magnetic field caused by current flowing
through a wire. The electromagnetic coil
consists of a coil of wire that is wound around
an iron or ferrite core.
A lamp is a type of fixture in a electrical
device that is used to illuminate and create
artificial light. The reflector is used to direct
the light. Lamps have no polarity. Lamps
produce light from electricity. The two types of
lamps are incandescent type and the
fluorescent types.
LED or Light Emitting Diode. LED has a PN
junction of semi conducting material that
transforms electrical current into photons. You
never connect a LED into a 9v battery unless
you have a 100 ohm resistor in series. The
LED cannot work with a voltage as low as
A integrated Circuit. IC’s can be configured a
multivibrator that can flash different types of
light. The IC is identical as having transistors
in one package.
7 Segment Display
A type of electrical device that displays
numerical symbols. The 7 segment display is
an alternative to the very complex dot-matrix.
7 segment displays are used in digital clocks
and any device that displays numbers to
convey information.
Wires are made from wire leads. These wires
are called conductors because they have a
function of conducting electricity. There are
many types of good conductors like metal and
copper. Material like plastic, skin, and paper
are know as insulators because they don’t
conduct electricity.
The resistor’s job is to reduce the flow of electricity. The
resistor has two terminals in which the electricity passes.
Resistors are used to create and maintain a safe circuit with a
component. To read a resistor, a code must be used. Look at
the first color closest to the edge, if it’s brown go to the chart
and see brown under 1st digit, you’ll get 1. Go to the next
color. If it is green go to the chart and see green under 2nd
digit, you’ll get 5. The next color is the multiplier. If it’s
orange, go to the chart and see orange under multiplier, you’ll
get 1,000. So multiply 15 by 1000 to get 15000 ohms. The last
color is the tolerance. Tolerance is the amount of resistance. If
it is gold, go to the chart and you’ll see gold is 5% , so
multiply 15K X.05=Tolerance
CDS Cell
Known as Cadmium sulphide cell. The CDS
cell is a type of exposure meter that is created
based on photoconductive properties of
cadmium sulphide. The resistance of the cds
will drop as more light falls upon it.
A type of resistor that is manually adjusted. In
a Potentiometer, one terminal is connected to
the power source while the other is hooked to a
point of no resistance or voltage. The third
terminal runs through resistive material, which
serves as a connection point between the
ground and power source. The purpose of
controlling the resistance is to decide how
much current will flow through the circuit.
Bread Board
Breadboards are used to create many types of
temporary circuits. The breadboard contains a
lot of columns and holes where you insert the
lead endings. The 5 columns of the sockets are
all connected. For resistors,LED’s, diodes and
transistors……, make sure you insert the right
Known as silicon controlled rectifiers which
are useful for controlling current. SCR’s work
like diodes and are components in electrical
switches. It’s used to allow the current to flow
for a short time even after you let go the
Relay Switch
A relay switch is a type of electrical switch.
Electrical current flowing through the coil
creates a magnetic field which attracts the
lever which results in a change in the switch
contacts. Relay switches are double throw
Thermal Switch
Known as a thermal cutoff which is an
electrical safety device that has a function of
interrupting electrical current when heated to a
specific temperature.
Push Button Switch
A type of switch that is used to close or a
electrical circuit. Push bottoms come with a
button enclosed in a housing.
the diode was an important development in
electronics. At it’s discovery, it was known as
the “Edison Effect”. The diode changes AC
current into DC current. The diode will start
conducting electricity when it’s junction
voltage is exceeded. Smaller diodes are used to
transform AC to DC current. Larger diodes are
used to rectify larger AC currents.
A DC motor is a direct current motor that is an
electric motor that uses amounts of electricity
and a magnetic field to produce torque, which
in turn will turn the motor. The DC motor
requires two magnets of opposite polarity
which acts as a electro magnet.
DC motor
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