Tonbridge Station - Tonbridge Line Commuters

Tonbridge Station
Julie Houghton
26th May 2011
NSIP- Background
National Stations Improvement Programme (NSIP).
 A £150 million initiative set up by government.
 Tranche 1 - £100 million.
 Tranche 2 - £50 million.
 Beneficiaries must be in National Top 500 stations for passenger footfall.
 Objective is to use NSIP allocation to secure third party funding, wherever
 Key aspiration is to improve passenger perception at stations (as measured
by twice yearly National Passenger Surveys).
26th May 2011
Southeastern NSIP
Southeastern Local Delivery Group (LDG)
- is chaired jointly by Southeastern and Network Rail, and the members
include the project management teams, British Transport Police and
Passenger Focus. This group has worked since the launch of NSIP to
agree the priority stations and liaise with potential other fund holders to
maximise the extent of works that could be considered.
Southeastern LDG share of Tranche 1 - £14.3 million
Southeastern LDG share of Tranche 2 - £5.02 million
For some stations (e.g. Dartford and Deptford) we have secured other
funding up to £6m and this allows for complete new stations
26th May 2011
Tonbridge Station
26th May 2011
Southeastern NSIP
Scope includes:
– Replacing all information screens to new flat screens, including
making provision for a future real time bus information screen
– Refurbishing all toilets (see layout on next slide)
– Installing more cycle parking
– Extending the booking hall
– Creating another door at the front of the station
– A new waiting room
– Replacing the metal staircase from the road down to underpass for
the car park
– Improvements to the entrance from Barden Road into the station
26th May 2011
Toilet layout and specification
26th May 2011
New Waiting Room
This will replace the existing on
platform 1 and 2.
- This is a better fit with where on
the platform passengers wait
- And allows for the removal of the
cabins currently forming a coffee
shop and staff information point,
with relocation into the current
waiting room.
- This reduces the congestion at
the bottom of the stairs
Removal of redundant planters
along platforms
26th May 2011
Barden Road entrance
This entrance will have new flooring, a dropped ceiling and will have an
internal wall created beside the lift to enclose the area.
The dropped ceiling will have inset lighting, and will remove the ledges
pigeons like to roost on.
Metal steps from the front of the station down to the alley for the car park
will be replaced
26th May 2011
Barden Road entrance plan
26th May 2011
Tonbridge Station front
• There will be two openings to reduce passenger congestion
• Doorway to the retail (currently a taxi office) will be from the road
and not through the booking hall
• New anti-slip flooring
• New mat-wells
• Relocation of the ticket vending machines to improve queuing
• Windows and doorways will be replaced
• The station tiles on the exterior walls will be clad with a brushed
steel finish
26th May 2011
Tonbridge Station front
26th May 2011
Tonbridge Station front
• The plans have been approved by Tonbridge and Malling
Borough Council
• The cladding will be installed over the existing tiles, the survey
works have indicated this is the safest solution to keep any
disruption to a minimum
• New doors and window placement have been designed to give a
symmetrical appearance while enabling an improved passenger
flow through the station
• New anti-slip flooring to improve accessibility, the slight
relocation of the automatic barriers will also improve flow through
26th May 2011
We are in the detailed design stage currently.
• On site from early September with completion spring 2012
• Works will be phased to keep the station entrances open
– There will be hoarded off areas of the booking hall at times
during works
– There will be a site compound and some restricted access at
– The project team will work to keep disruption to a minimum
26th May 2011
• There may be times where works will be at night for safety
– Moving heavy materials when passengers are not on the
– Work at height where it would be unsafe to work with trains
• We will write to residents closer to the start on site with the
programme, and we will write with dates of any night works once
the contractor is able to confirm them.
26th May 2011
26th May 2011
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