How does The Pond Pucks work?

JIE Pond Pucks™
JIE Pond Pucks are made from non-toxic ingredients to mimic
natural processes making them safe for fish and invertebrates.
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Our Solution
JIE Pond Pucks doesn’t try to kill the algae
We attack the source of the problem by inhibiting the growth.
We break the growth cycle early, during the first stage of growth
Preventing the formation of floating algae mats.
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Interrupting the cycle
One of the ingredients is pulverized barley, it triggers a chemical reaction
as it breaks down.
The interaction of sunlight with peroxide and barley release organic acids
(humics) that inhibit algae growth.
These humic and fulvic acids, along with increased levels of oxygen form a
difficult environment for algae to begin it’s growth cycle.
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JIE Pond Pucks™ in Action
Click on black image to see video. It will start in 10 seconds.
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How it works
JIE Technologies Ltd. ™ 2012
How it works
JIE Technologies Ltd. ™ 2012
How it works
JIE Technologies Ltd. ™ 2012
Efficient use of Bacteria
For bacteria to be effective in pond treatment it must be able
to germinate and multiple rapidly once introduced to a pond.
JIE Pond Pucks may seem simple but there is a lot of engineering
involved in it’s design and function to provide bacteria with an ideal
Along with oxygen, JIE Pond Pucks release a buffer component.
Although the buffer does not change the pH in the entire pond, it does
correct the pH in the small micro environment surrounding the bacteria
This enhances the success of the dormant bacteria to germinate once
they are re-hydrated because the surrounding water is rich in oxygen
and at a desired pH level.
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Diverting the nutrients
JIE Pond Pucks lowers dissolved Phosphorus by the agglomeration (flocculation )
process which helps limit algae growth in the water.
These buried nutrients in the bottom sediments are available for the growth
of rooted aquatic plants such as those which grow along the shore line of a pond;
emergent species.
Emergent species are beneficial because they can filter the water entering a pond
taking up nutrients into their biomass.
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Keys to success
1 surface acre is 200 ft x 200 ft
2kg of product for each surface acre
Insert Pucks 1 meter from bank and 3 meters apart on a
clear sunny day
Ensure they are submerged under any algae mat
The remainder of the dosage is spread in the center
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Early Season Application
Correct Environment
Any body of water that can grow algae will be an ideal environment
The depth of water does not matter to the success of the products.
If copper sulfate type products have been used we recommend waiting two
weeks after last installation before the first application of the Pucks.
The starting dates could vary some based on geographic locations and the
general rule is to begin applications when water temperature is near 10 C.
The key is to follow the monthly application intervals as listed in this
dosage program.
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First Application
April 1st.
2.5 kg Puck Pond Clarifier + 1.5 kg Augmentation Puck per surface acre
Second Application
May 1st.
1.5 kg Augmentation Puck per surface acre
Third Application
June 1st.
2.5 kg Puck Pond Clarifier per surface acre
Fourth Application
July 1st.
1.5 kg Augmentation Puck per surface acre
Fifth Application
August 1st.
2.5kg Puck Pond Clarifier per surface acre
Sixth Application
September 1st.
1.5 kg Augmentation Puck per surface acre
Overall effect
After application a film develops on the surface.
This will sink within a couple of days
You will see clear water after 5 to 7 days
The Pucks may raise and fall several times
This will prevent the formation of floating algae mats.
The bottom sediment will breakdown properly.
Unpleasant odors will be prevented from forming.
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JIE Technologies Ltd. ™ 2012