Guidelines for the Attendees

Guidelines for the Attendees
ICMMM 2014
International Colloquium on Materials,
Manufacturing and Metrology
Organised by - IIT Madras
Powered by
Hardware and software check-list
 Laptop/Desktop/Tablet
 Good quality headphone
 High speed internet connection (at least 512 kbps, dedicated)
- If you are using an institutional connection, make sure PORT 1935 is unblocked, please consult
with your network admin; if it is a personal connection need not to worry!
 Latest flash player installed in the browser
 For Tablet users Install WizIQ Education App(Free) from App
Store(apple devices) or Google Play for (android devices).
Simple Steps
Click the link:
Sign in/up to
Click on "Enroll Now"
Log in with facebook account
Create your account with your Name and Email ID
Click on the Session Name to enjoy it Live
Launch Session
Thank you
In case of any doubt you may Call at: +91-9816911326/9654201294
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