Hot springs

Hot springs
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Xinbeitou Hot Springs
Hot springs in Xinbeitou with high temperature and many sources are
caused by the terrestrial heat of Datun Mountains. Thermal valley is
one of the earliest hot spring sources found in Taiwan.
Beitou hot spring has been famous since Japanese colonial times.
The area is around with historic monuments and natural scenic spots.
Beitou Museum, Yinsong Building, Xingnai Spring, Beitou Library,
Beitou Hot Spring Park, and the Folk Museum connect into a hot
spring route.
Macao Hot Springs
Macao is a popular hot
spring spot at Yangmingshan
National Park. The volcanic
springs here are slightly
acidic, gray and have a
sulfur smell. The water is
especially good at relieving
fatigue and promoting
Another attraction at Macao
is the arched Macao Bridge.
The picturesque span is
especially eye-catching at
night when it is illuminated
with colorful lights.
Jin Mountain (Jinshan) Hot Springs
During the Tongzhi period
(1862~1874) of the Qing
dynasty, a major earthquake
created fissures in the rock
stratum of Jin Mountain
(Jinshan). It was from these
fissures that the Jin
Mountain (Jinshan) hot
springs were born. One of
the most popular bathing
areas dating back to that
time is the GovernorGeneral Hot Spring on
Minsheng Road.
Thermal Valley
Located beside Beitou Hot Spring
Park, Thermal Valley is one of the
sources supplying the area’s hot
springs. The sulfuric steam that
blankets the valley year-round
gives the valley a frightening
quality, giving rise to nicknames
like “Ghost Lake.” The springs here
have the highest temperatures of
any in the Datunshan volcano
group. With its surreal sulfuric
atmosphere, it’s no wonder
Thermal Valley was considered
one of the “12 great sights of
Taiwan” .
Lengshuikeng hot spring area
Compare to the "hotter" hot
spring of the Datun
Mountains, the hot spring
here is colder, only about 40。
C, so it is called
Lengshuikeng (Cold Water
Tunnel). The Lengshuikeng
was a bowl shape of crater
that unfailingly gushed hot
spring out. In addition to
the unique volcano scenery,
there is the individual milk
white color sulfur spring, socalled "the Milk Pool."
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