Jeopardy Review Game

Additional Tips/Rules
• When discussing your answer, WHISPER!
• If there is a dispute, Mrs. Jarmer will make
the call
• I don’t want to hear “that’s so easy” or “I
can’t believe you got that wrong.”
Africa South of
the Sahara Jeopardy
HIV/AIDS Diamonds
Q $100
Q $100
Q $100
Q $100
Q $100
Q $200
Q $200
Q $200
Q $200
Q $200
Q $300
Q $300
Q $300
Q $300
Q $300
Q $400
Q $400
Q $400
Q $400
Q $400
Q $500
Q $500
Q $500
Q $500
Q $500
Final Jeopardy
$100 Map Question
Identify the country
$100 Map Answer
South Africa
$200 Map Question
Identify the country
$200 Map Answer
$300 Map Question
Identify the country
$300 Map Answer
Sierra Leone
$400 Map Question
Identify the country
$400 Map Answer
$500 Map Question
Identify the country
$500 Map Answer
$100 HIV/AIDS Question
When African government officials first
learned of HIV, what did they do?
$100 HIV/AIDS Answer
They denied that it existed.
$200 HIV/AIDS Question
Explain the relationship
between HIV and AIDS.
$200 HIV/AIDS Answer
If left untreated, HIV
can develop into AIDS.
$300 HIV/AIDS Question
Name the popular organization that
raises money to support programs
to help fight HIV and AIDS.
Hint: Think about my Nike
shoelace purchase from Delaware.
$300 HIV/AIDS Answer
(Product) Red
$400 HIV/AIDS Question
What was HIV/AIDS called in
Uganda before it got its current name?
$400 HIV/AIDS Answer
Slim Disease
$500 HIV/AIDS Question
The HIV virus first began
when a human came into
contact with infected
chimpanzee blood
in what country?
$500 HIV/AIDS Answer
$100 Diamond Question
What country buys the
largest amount of diamonds?
$100 Diamond Answer
The United States
$200 Diamond Question
What advertising campaign
was developed by De Beers?
$200 Diamond Answer
“A Diamond is Forever”
$300 Diamond Question
Rebel groups use the profits
from the sale of conflict
diamonds to do what?
(Looking for two answers)
$300 Diamond Answer
To buy large amounts
of weapons and fuel
military conflicts
What type of mining technique
is most often used to extract
diamonds from Africa?
Daily Double Answer
Alluvial Mining
$500 Diamond Question
What is the voluntary initiative that
requires participants to certify that
diamond shipments are conflict free?
$500 Diamond Answer
The Kimberely Process
$100 Natural
Resources Question
Drinking dirty water kills a child every
20 seconds. What specific medical
condition does the child die from?
$100 Natural
Resources Answer
$200 Natural
Resources Question
How heavy are the containers that women
in small villages carry on their heads that
are filled with water?
$200 Natural
Resources Answer
40 to 50 pounds
$300 Natural
Resources Question
•A new market for goods
•A source of raw material and cheap labor
•Religious efforts
•Humanitarian efforts
The above are all motives for what?
$300 Natural
Resources Answer
European Colonization
$400 Natural
Resources Question
What is the natural resource curse?
$400 Natural
Resource Answer
When a country has an abundance
of natural resources but the population
still suffers from crushing poverty
$500 Natural
Resource Question
What event is represented
in this political cartoon?
$500 Natural
Resources Answer
The Berlin Conference
$100 Random Question
What is the most practiced
religion in Africa?
$100 Random Answer
$200 Random Question
Who is the Hutu hotel manager who
saved over 1,200 rebels in Rwanda?
$200 Random Answer
Paul Rusesabagina
$300 Random Question
What tribal group from Kenya
drinks the blood of cows?
$300 Random Answer
The Maasai
$400 Random Question
Name one major reason
the people of Somalia have
turned to piracy.
$400 Random Answer
Somalia is engaged
in a civil war
$500 Random Question
What is the primary source
of tourism in Kenya?
$500 Random Answer
Animal Wildlife
Final Jeopardy •Cape
Good Hope
Match the physical features
to the letters on the map.
Final Jeopardy Answer
A. Lake Victoria
B. Kilimanjaro
C. Cape of Good Hope
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