Gods and legend maori

Gods and Maori legends
wind and storm
earthquakes and volcanoes
The Maori believe many gods.
Every gods is assosieted with a
Here are the gods:
-Tawhirimatea: God of the wind and storms
-Tane Mahuta: God of the forest and the animals living in them
-Tangaroa:God of the sea, rivers, lakes
-Tumatauenga: God of war
-Rongo: God of peace
-Ruaumoko: God of earthquakes and volcanoes
-Rongo Ma Tane: God of all cultivated foods
-Haumia-tiketike: Guardian spirit of wild food
-Whiro: God of evil
The gods are a big family :
Papatuanuku and Ranginui are
parents of every god.
Papatuanuku is the mother Earth.
Ranginui is the father sky.
It’s the most important gods.
In the Maori tradition the New-Zealand came
out of the sea.
Maui went fishing and pulled the north island
out of the ocean.
The Maori havent got a godstick (a wand) to
get to contact with the gods. It’s a wooden
stick. The only one a leader or a sorcerer
or medecine man can use the godstick.
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