Egyptian Mythology – Study Guide

Egyptian Mythology – Study Guide
Know what these terms mean:
 Cartouche
 Hieroglyphics
 Sarcophagus
 Mummification
 Canopic Jar
Be able to identify the figures on the illustration given out in class:
 Ankh
 Scale
 Soul being judged
 Heart
 Feather
 The gods/creatures involved in the judgment process
Gods and other beings:
Know the name of and the Greek/Roman counterparts of:
 the ruler of the afterlife
 the god of war
 the goddess of love
 and the ruler of the gods
Know what the following were the gods of:
 Hapi
 Isis,
 Satet
 Bastet
 Nut
 Anubis
 Thoth
Know what/who the following are:
 Duat
 Maat
 Ammit
Legend of Osiris:
 Plot
 Who killed Osiris, how and why
 Who brought him back to life
 What happened to him when he came back to life
 Who avenged his death and how
The Greek Princess:
 Plot
 How/why Paris and Helen came to Egypt
 What happened with Helen; what was the gods’ plan?
 The details of Helen, Tausert and Menaleus’ plan to get out of Egypt