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Why TenderCard?
Years of experience - Started in 1997
Geared toward small to mid-sized merchants
Program flexibility -TenderCard offers something for every merchant’s
Many card options
Lower card minimums
Short delivery time on card orders
Parts of our Gift Card Program
TenderCard uses state of the art servers
Through either dial-up or IP connectivity,
TenderCard offers a full array of gift cards,
Gift Card Numbers
$156 –
amount the average consumer spent on Gift
Cards last holiday season
spend more that the initial card’s value.
33% Lift on the cards that spent more than the initial
Amount of the card that is not used
1# –
Gift card is the #1 gift at the holidays
TCgift Classic Gift Card
Gift cards are a Consumer magnet
Our gift card program retains your merchants and attracts new ones.
Transaction fee based
This is our basic program that all the others shoot off of. Merchants pay a
monthly hosting fee and for each transaction.
Monthly hosting fee
Free monthly statement
No monthly minimums, no annual fees
We don’t have any transaction minimums that trigger additional fees
Flexible card ordering
Merchants can order cards at any quantity above the minimum and can
order cards separately or as part of a starter kit.
Works with businesses of any size
We have large regional chains of 100 locations, single location mom and
pops and everything in between.
Loyalty Available
TC365 Annual Gift Card Program
If time is money, what’s a year worth?
Earn revenue annually on a gift program that has no monthly hosting
or transaction fees.
All fees paid-in-full for 1 year
No monthly statements
But reports are always available online
Simple 1 page application
Pre-set program and reorder pricing
Three transaction tiers for merchants to choose from
TC365 -1500 transactions, TC365 enhanced – 2500 transactions and
TC365 unlimited – unlimited transactions
Gets cards to the merchants fast
No artwork setup or proof for the initial order and the starter kit
w/cards ship within 3-5 days of approval.
TCeasy Flat Fee Gift & Loyalty Program
Because easy is good
We’ve bundled hosting, transactions and a complete gift card starter kit
for one flat monthly fee. Two options TC Easy 50 or TC Easy 100.
Bundled program
Includes hosting, transactions & a starter kit w/25 Pre-designed cards
Includes a monthly statement
In addition to online reporting
Simple 1 page application
Makes it easy to fill out with a merchant that’s already pressed for time.
Gets cards to your merchants fast
No artwork setup or proof for the initial order and the starter kit
w/cards ship within 3-5 days of approval.
Starter Kits
Start your gift card program with style
Our starter kit is part of every one of our programs in one form or
another. Some come with Platinum Starter cards (TC365) while others
include pre-designed or custom cards.
Starter kits include:
Gift cards w/sleeves & envelopes (see Card Options on Pg
Point of purchase display stand
Window decals
These items focus attention to the program and draw customers into
the point of sale where cards are displayed and purchased
Program quick reference guide
So they know how to use the program with their specific terminal
Product catalog
With reorder instructions
Program download
Ground Shipping (except TC Easy)
Card Options
Pick a card, any card
 1color Pre-Designed – 100 card minimum
*Cards ship in 3-5 days from proof approval
Starter Kits with 25 or 100 cards available
 1color Custom – 100 card minimum
*Cards ship in 3-5 days from proof approval
Starter Kits with 100, 250 or 500 cards
 4color Custom – 250 card minimum
*Cards ship in 12-15 days from proof approval
Starter Kits with 250,500 or 1000 cards
*Delivery times based on orders of 1,000 cards or less
TenderCard Online
Invaluable resources for your business
Our website is designed to be useful for busy merchants and
cardholders. It’s all real time and completely secured.
Card balance inquiry
If made online, doesn’t count as a billed transaction to the
Customizable merchant reports
Merchants can view every statement they’ve ever gotten, sort
data by transaction type, date… anything really.
Virtual Terminal
Internet-based terminal with all the same gift/loyalty
functionality as a conventional terminal. The terminal itself is
free, but transactions are priced at the same rate as through a
conventional terminal
Put Stored Value To Work
Promotional marketing tool
Ad space costs more than promotional gift cards
Discount cards mailed to targeted customer group
Used as a gift with purchase
Corporate incentives
Sell to companies to use as employee incentives/rewards
Prepaid vehicle for recurring sales
Coffee Shops, Dry Cleaners, Auto Detail, Oil Change Programs, etc.
Store credits, returns & refunds
Keeps cash in the drawer
Customer appreciation and retention
Reward loyal customers
Turn customer disputes into retention opportunities
Fund raisers
Sell cards at a discount to schools & non-profits
Return on Investment (ROI)
Crunching the Numbers
Number of Cards
Cost Per Card
Total Card Cost
Transaction Cost (300 @ $.25/ea.)
Hosting (12 @ $10.00)
Cost of Opportunity
Average Activation Amount
Total Value of Cards
Profit Margin of 10%
Cost of Opportunity
Net Profit
Return on Investment
Merchant Benefits
Increased cash flow
Retain full face value
Consumers often spend more than the card’s face value
Merchant retains any unused balance (subject to state laws)
Gift card market includes all consumers
Return on investment
Gives the customers what they want
Everybody knows about and desires gift cards as gifts to give and
receive. Our program simply allows merchants to fill the demand
of their own clients.
Increased store traffic
Reduced costs
More efficient and cost-effective than paper
No “back room” accounting
Cards have no value until activated
Plastic cards are difficult to counterfeit
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