Blackfoot Indians

Blackfoot Indians
• Blackfoot lived in tipis
• Blackfoot used travois to carry tipis
different places
• Blackfoot used fire pits to heat their
• A tipi covered consistently about 15
hides of buffalo
Family Life
• All Blackfoot lived together in tipis
• The first wife had authority over the
other wives
• The women took care of the children
• The wives clothing, cooked, and
preserved food for the winter
• Men hunted buffalo and other animals
• Blackfoot men wore fringed buckskin shirts
• Men also wore breech clothes and leggings
• The leggings protected them when they
• Blackfoot women wore long dresses made
from elk hides
• They decorated their dresses with fringes,
beads, elk teeth, cowrie shells, or quills
• The Blackfoot hunted and gathered their food
• They hunted moose, elk, deer, rabbit, pronghorn,
quail, and American biscon (buffalo)
• The buffalo provided much of their meat
• They ate the meat dried and fresh.
• They mixed the dried meat with wild berries and
buffalo fat to make pemmican
• The Blackfoot were excellent
• They used, rocks, plants, berries, clay,
and ash to make paint
• Blackfoot women painted pictographs
and geometric designs on the inside of
tipi liners
• They also decorated clothing, bags, and
Blackfoot Children
• Blackfoot children were an important part
of the family
• The children learned a lot by their family
• Boys learned how to make bows and arrows
• Girls learned how to make cook, prepare
buffalo hides, and do bead and quill work
• Both boys and girls went through a rite of
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