Crime Assessment 16 January 2013

Title: Richmond Tactical Assessment
Date created: 16/01/2013
Richmond Borough
Emerging Problem – Burglary
Inference – Offenders are committing burglaries looking for jewellery within the Twickenham side of
the borough
Context – Linked series of burglaries within the Twickenham side of the borough busiest days are
Thursday, Friday and Saturday mainly between 1300-1800 hours
Entry has been gained by using the side access into the rear garden and using tools from the shed to
force open rear doors and windows Terrace houses have had their front doors forced Untidy search all
of the house concentrating on the bedrooms looking for jewellery and in some cases also taking
Richmond Borough
Emerging Problem – Barclays Bank HAM
Inference – One to two determined persons are overnight tampering with the HAM Barclays Cash
Point Machine
Context – Since 18/10/2012 one to two suspects have
been seen on CCTV tampering with the ATM at 19 Upper
Ham Road
14 offences have occurred throughout the week between
2130 to 0030 hours Peak day was Saturday with 5
Suspects caught on CCTV are described as 2 MIC4's 18
and 25 years
Barclays 19 Upper Ham Road
This is a repeat venue where a similar series occurred in
April to May 2012 between 2200-0400 hours where one
to two suspects were again caught on CCTV and
described variously as MIC1 20 years F600 possibly
Eastern European slim build with training shoes, FIC1 20
years F510 very long dark hair, MIC2 40 yrs dark jacket
and cap and MIC2 35 yrs black beard
Barclays has been a repeat venue 38 times since
Richmond Borough
Emerging area - Barnes and Mortlake
Inference: A number of offences have begun to appear in a small area in the neighbouring wards of
Barnes and Mortlake by persons unknown for personal or financial gain
Fortnightly Intelligence Assessment:
5% (19) of all crime occurred in the area of
neighbouring wards Barnes and Mortlake
Barnes &
4 week hotspot map
Theft of & TFMV (4 each) then Robbery and Theft of
push bike (2 each) were the most recorded offences
for this area.
Attempt or taken were Nissan Qashqui, BMW X5 and 2
Vespa's one of which was recovered along with
another stolen scooter in an area known as Westfields
close to a small footbridge and pond
Offences occurred mainly from Tuesday to Saturday
with a peak on Wednesday
The busiest roads for offences are Church Road (2 a
robbery & TFMV) and Elm Bank Gardens (2 a TFMV &
theft of push bike)
74% (14) of offences took place during the DTE 08001959 hrs peaking between 1800-1945 hours
Richmond Borough
Reduced Problem - Personal Robbery
Between 17/12/2012 and 15/01/2013 there have been 10 robberies in this area involving two lone
Males a IC3 and a IC4 16-18 yrs F600
The 6 involving the IC3 have been on Females while waiting at the bus stop close to Barnes BR around
1100, 1530, 1710, 1715 x 2 and 1810 hrs when mobiles are taken Suspect then makes of down the
stairs or of towards Roehampton
The other 4 were committed by a Male since arrested who threatened Victims mainly MIC1's 15-18 yrs
who were not on their own with a knife at 1830-1855, 2130 and 0245 hrs taking mobiles and cash
Two separate Males have since been arrested and this problem is expected to now
Richmond Borough
Richmond Town Centre
Inference: RTC is a large affluent shopping centre with a mix of high-end and common high street
stores, restaurants, pubs and open spaces and will continue to attract crime in turns of thefts, ASB and
4 week hotspot map
Fortnightly Intelligence Assessment:
7% (33) of all crime occurred in the area of Richmond
Shoplifting (9) then Other Theft (5) and Assaults (5)
were the most recorded offences for this area.
Theft offences occurred throughout the week Sunday
was the busiest day for Assaults
The busiest roads for offences are George Street (10)
Whittaker Avenue (5) and The Quadrant (4).
Repeat venues were Vodka Revolutions (3) and
Carphone Warehouse, TR BR and Pools in the Park (2
67% (22) offences took place during the Day Time
Economy peaking between 1000-1230 then 1845-1945
Richmond Borough
Twickenham Town Centre
Inference: TTC is the 2nd largest town centre on the borough which with its mix of shops, pubs, restaurants, and
main line railway station that is within easy walking distance of nearby Richmond College and Twickenham Stadium
will attract opportunist and habitual offenders
Context: Twickenham is the 2nd largest town on the borough
with a small variety of shops, restaurants, pubs, and
businesses, populated during the week by office workers,
students, local residents and employees and at the weekends
by large crowds when events take place at Twickenham
Stadium which makes it attractive for opportunist and habitual
thieves to commit shoplifting and other theft during the day,
and public order offences, assaults and other theft during the
evening - usually when victims or suspects are under the
influence of drink
4 week hotspot map
Fortnightly Intelligence Assessment: 2% (9) of all crime
occurred in the area of Twickenham Town
Theft (3) then criminal damage (2) were the most recorded
offences for this area
The busiest road was King Street (3) No repeat venues or
peak days 67% (6) offences occurred during the day time
economy peaking between 1200-1530 hours
Recommendations and Impact: Offender: Male IC1's 18-35 years Location: Micro Beats and Reassurance patrols
around Twickenham BR, London Road, King Street and Heath Road. Advice to MOP regarding securing their property while
in pubs and shops. Daily tasking via the DIM. FIM Assigned plan owner:
Richmond Borough
ASB Calls December 2012
Total No of Reports:
(7%) of CAD records had a CRIS number.
ASB levels from April-Nov 2012 is up 1 %
with the same period last year.
Top Wards:
South Richmond was top with 37 calls, a reduction on the total for November
73% of ASB was confined to Richmond TC, with the main location being George Street,
this is the usual trend for Richmond TC.
The peak day was Saturday, with two peak times between 1200-1600 and then 20000000 hrs
(Usual TC issues with seasonal disruption)
South Richmond 37
South Twickenham 28
West Twickenham 27
Main incident type :
Rowdy Behaviour 169 (44%)
South Twickenham was second with 28 calls.
There were a number of incidents across the ward, they were mainly rowdy and
inconsiderate behaviour, linked to noise and parties over the xmas period.
The peak day was Sunday, peak times were from 1600-2000 and 2000-0000 hrs.
(Isolated incidents, seasonal disruption)
Overall Peak Times/Day:
2000-0000 hrs
Rowdy Behaviour LSOA Hotspot:
West Twickenham was third with 27 calls.
The main concentration of incidents is towards the NE of the ward, involving
rowdy/inconsiderate behaviour with a concentrated call numbers around 249 Staines
Road and 6 Manor Road. However this is all relative to the low number of calls in total
and does not represent a major issue.
Wednesday and Sunday were the peak days, peak time was 1600-2000 hrs and 20000000. (Isolated incidents/Disturbances)
Heathfield SW
Richmond TC West
Richmond TC 27 (-10%)
Twickenham TC 14 (- 69%)
Richmond Borough
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