Racing Rules of Sailing

Racing Rules
of Sailing
Don’t get stuck in
the detail to start
with, keep to the
A bit of Trivia Where do the words Port and Starboard originate
from? In times of old ships were steered by a Steering board
mounted on the right side of the ship, from this we get Starboard.
Consequently the ship could not be berthed on this side, so the
left side of the ship became the port side.
The Racing rules of Sailing
Compiled by ISAF
Part 1 Fundamental Rules
Part 2 When boats meet
Part 3 Conduct of a race
Part 4 Other requirements when racing
Part 5 Protests, redress, hearings, misconduct and appeals
Part 6 Entry and qualification
Part 7 Race organization
Appendix A-G
How can we learn the rules
• Books
• Websites (
• Experience, Review rule situations experienced on
race days. Talk to other competitors about the situation.
Consult your books at home, work it through.
• iphone app you tack pro.
• Discuss situations with race officer and or
other officials
• On the water training
The Basics
Starboard has right of way (RRS 10)
Windward boat keeps clear (RRS 11)
Keep clear when tacking (RRS 13)
A boat must avoid contact (RRS14)
Mark room, three boat zone (RRS 18)
Penalty turns (RRS 44.1)
Who keeps clear
Who must keep clear
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