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Quantum Materials Corp.
Enabling New Frontiers In Biology,
Lighting, Energy, Computing and
Consumer Electronics with Tetrapod
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Company Overview
Quantum Materials Corp. is poised to be the world’s leader in
the development, manufacture and supply of Tetrapod
Quantum Dots.
Quantum Dots are an emerging, advanced material
technology that will eventurally have an effect on our daily
lives and will create new and superior products across a broad
range of markets.
Worldwide Locations
Silicon Valley
San Marcos, TX
Riyadh, KSA
Tokyo, Japan
San Marco, Texas, HQ and R&D
Silicon Valley, Business Dev.
Tokyo Japan, Business Dev.
Riyadh KSA, Business Dev.
Market Engagement
Tetrapod Quantum Dots
Quantum Materials Corp. has patented
chemistry that enables production of
highly uniform Tetrapod Quantum dots
with yields greater than 90%.
The structure of a tetrapod quantum dot
consists of a central core with 4 rods
protruding from the center, significantly
different from the spherical quantum dots
sold on the market today.
Quantum Dot Spectra
Our Key Applications
Nano-Bio: TQD provide multi-plexing with high brightness for
tissue marking and diagnostics.
Lighting: Quantum Dots improve energy efficiency in LED
light bulbs and produce more desirable light.
Displays: Quantum dots can replace phosphors for precise
primary color generation and secondary color frequency
shifting resulting in brighter more vivid colors and reduced
energy usage.
Nano-Gauge: TQD allow non-destructive, integrated test bed
for advance material integrity assurance.
Thin-Film Solar Cells: Tetrapod QD increase conversion
efficiencies to make solar competitive.
Improved LED lighting
TQD’s allow lighting company to “tune” the shade of white light emitted
−CRI equal or better than those of traditional LEDs with similar CCTs
Combination of a blue LED with commercially available yellowgreen RE phosphor and red TQD’s:
 cool, neutral and warm white correlated color temperature
 high CRI: > 90
 high efficacy: > 100 lm/W for cold white, 84 lm/W for warm
Cheaper Solar Energy
Cell Price per Watt
Decreases with Improved Efficiency and Economies of Scale
Yearly Rated Output (MW)
Milligram to Kilograms??
The controlled synthesis of nanometer-sized colloidal
crystals is one of the central challenges in nanoscale
science and technology.
Our Production
TQD’s Evolve From Novelty to Commodity
In sharp contrast to batch mode, and the related mandates
of mixing and temperature control, chemical synthesis
becomes a precision controlled process with ability to
increase total flow to scale production.
QMC’s Patented Continuous FLOW Microreactor
Technology is being used to scale tertapod quantum
dot production. A single microreactor could produce
up to 100 kg/day.
QMC Challenges
Raising Money
Access to Expertise (many fields of use for quantum dots)
Start-ups have many significant transitions points
STAR Park Solutions
Raising Money
Links to Area Capital
Provides relatively inexpensive, high end
“Anchored” QMC for investor belief in Company
Access to Expertise
Not just research and collaboration,
but also commercialization support
Room to Grow
Email: [email protected]
Star One
3055 Hunter Rd
San Marcos, Texas 78666
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