The Arabian Muslim Scientist

The Arabian Muslim Scientist
who discovered gravity
• Do you know who discovered gravity???
All of you will say that Isaac Newton is the
person who discovered gravity
But you are wrong!!!
• The real person who discovered gravity is
a Muslim Arabian scientist .
•since the ninth century Arabs knew the power of
plodding arising from attracting the ground for
objects and fired by the natural force and have
recognized Arab scholars and Flasves that the
power of gravitation or natural force to which we
referred magnified the larger the body.
And the clues are:
• And also what was written in _balance
of wisdom_ book: that the heavy body
is moving strongly to the center of the
world only, that means gravity is who
has the strength of the movement to
the center point.
• And what was written in some Arabian
books: that falling objects are
attracted towards the center of the
earth and the difference of the
attractive force due to the distance
between the falling object and the
center of the earth.
And The person who discovered the
gravity was thousands of years
before Newton,
Do you know who he is??!!
The age difference between them is:
And many Arab scientist discovered
and invented lots of things before the
western scientists.