Rachel Rablen: Car Sharing at the Great Western Hospital

Car Sharing at The Great Western
• The Great Western Hospital is a District General
Hospital performing 35,000 planned operations
and 247,214 outpatients appointment plus
emergency treatment in the year 09/10.
• There are 3000+ Great Western Hospital staff
who are based on the site.
• There are then another two Trusts who have
patients and staff, plus contract staff, a crèche
and staff accommodation block on the site.
• There are approx 1800 car parking spaces on the
• These are split roughly 600 visitor and 1200 staff
• There are approx 3500 staff parking permits in
circulation at the moment.
• There are 14 Thamesdown buses coming onto
site an hour at peak times, plus long distance
• There is a cycle path/pavement connecting the
hospital with local residential areas and the Town
Current Situation on a Bad Day
• During non holiday periods the staff car parks
are full by 9.30am
• Staff arriving after this time start to park in
visitor spaces there by reducing visitor car
• By about 10.30 visitors attending the site for
out patient appointments struggle to park –
increases anxiety and causes disruption to
• Staff arriving for the late shift about 13.30
struggle to park, so are late to the ward
causing delays in staff hand over and stress.
• This delay means that spaces are not freed up
for other staff arriving for work.
• 14.30 visiting starts and at its worst the site is
gridlocked and traffic is queuing onto the main
roads. This has the potential to delay blue
light traffic reaching the site.
• Staff do not like working the late shift as they will
struggle to park.
• Staff witnessed having breakfast in their cars once they
have secured their parking space.
• Work patterns are planned around being able to park.
• Increased levels of stress for staff and patients.
• Not proven, but likely to be higher spend on Patient
Transport as patients off set inconvenience with not
needed to park.
• Problem exacerbated by people arriving early to find
somewhere to park.
New Travel Choices Policy
• 28th November, after two lengthy consultations
with staff a new policy will be introduced.
• As part of the policy the Trust is continuing to
offer discounts through the Bike to Work
Schemes and with local bus providers.
• Charging for staff car parking will be changed
from a monthly fee to a pay as you use charge.
For almost all members of staff this will increase
the cost of parking.
Restricted Days
• Staff will only be entitled to bring their car
onto the site for a limited number of days in a
fixed fortnightly period.
Number of days worked per
Number of days parking per
Car sharing
• Trust invested in Liftshare software to
facilitate staff seeking car share arrangements.
• For staff car sharing not only means that you
are able to access the car parks every day, but
also reduces the cost of parking and
• For the Trust there is a reduction in scope 3
emissions, and the demand to increase car
parking on the site, which is not sustainable.
• Logo designed and the database was linked from the main
page of the Trust intranet.
• Posters were put around the site informing people of the
options available to them for travel to work.
• Seminars were held to assist people to register and
Liftshare produced easy to follow instructions.
• An incentive was offered to early budi teams - free car
parking for six weeks when the new policy is launched.
• The policy has an appeals process, and appellants needed
to show that they had tried to find a car share partner.
Current statistics
• 1320 number of people registered on the
• 123 number of people in budi teams
• Number of match requests sent 677
• Number of match requests confirmed as Yes 234
• Number of match requests confirmed as No 181
• Also aware that there are several car sharers who
have found arrangements outside of using the
Going forward
• After three weeks every new employee will be
expected to participate in the restricted days
scheme. So membership will be constantly up
• Those who have been granted a permit by the
appeals board will have their situation
reviewed routinely.
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