“Embracing Change To Experience Life!”
James 5:1-6
Many people
wrongly believe
that the Bible teaches
that it’s wrong
to be WEALTHY!
1 Timothy 6:10….
“For the love of money is
a root of all kinds of evil.
Some people, eager for
money, have wandered
from the faith and pierced
themselves with many griefs.”
• “The love of money”
• The misuse of money
“The love of money”
causes all kinds of problems.
Let’s look at how God wants
us to handle our
in 3 areas.
The way we
GET our money is
as important as the
money we
James 5:4….
“You have not paid any wages
to those who work in your
fields. Listen to their
complaints! The cries of those
who gather in your crops have
reached the ears of God, the
Lord Almighty [Sabboath].”
This is a
God tells all employers to treat their
employees with fairness
Jeremiah 22:13….
“Doom to him who builds
palaces but bullies people,
who makes a fine house but
destroys lives, who cheats
his workers and won’t pay
them for their work.”
Don’t fill your pockets
by cheating
people out
of what you
owe them.
Don’t be dishonest
with people.
When you get a bill
in the mail – pay it.
When you owe someone
something – pay what is due.
Employees to treat
their employers fairly
Give an honest day’s work
for an honest day’s pay.
If you sell used cars –
do it with honesty.
Employees ….
If you get paid by
the hour –
don’t sit around wasting
Proverbs 14:23….
“In hard work there is
always something gained,
but idle talk leads only to
poverty.” (GW)
James next shows us that
there is a wrong reason
to save up money.
James 5:3b….
“You have hoarded [heaped
up] wealth [treasure] in the
last days.” (NIV)
God wants His money to
Save your money
so that it can be used
for God’s Kingdom
and it’s extension.
God does NOT oppose
us to save money.
Luke 14:28….
“Suppose you want to build a
tower. You would first sit down
and figure out what it costs.
Then you would see if you have
enough money to finish it.”
Jesus was talking about HAVING
to finish
the project that you started.
God encourages
– there IS a legitimate
place for saving.
James 5:2,3….
“Your riches are corrupted,
and your garments are motheaten. Your gold and silver
are corroded, and their
corrosion will be a witness
against you and will eat
your flesh like fire.” (NKJV)
James is telling them –
God does not want us
to get wealth – just for the sake of
getting wealth.
He wants us to
put our wealth into circulation –
for His kingdom.
Tithes & Offering
James 5:5….
“You have lived on the earth
in luxury and self-indulgence.
You have fattened yourselves
[hearts] in a day of slaughter.”
our wealth.
We are not to be OVERLY selfindulgent. Sometimes, the more
money we make
the EASIER it is to waste it.
Just because you can afford
something – does not mean you
should buy it.
The Bible tells us TO….
SPEND our money WISELY!
Proverbs 21:5….
“The plans of the
diligent lead to profit
as surely as haste
leads to poverty.”
How do you spell
Have a budget?
What is a budget?
… is planned spending.
… is telling your money
where to go and when.
Proverbs 23:4,5.…
“Don’t wear yourself out
trying to get rich; restrain
yourself! Riches disappear in
the blink of an eye; wealth
sprouts wings and flies off
into the wild blue yonder.”
Read again Luke 14:28….
“Suppose you want to build a
tower. You would first sit down
and figure out what it costs.
Then you would see if you have
enough money to finish it.”
The Bible clearly teaches that God
is concerned with...
1. How we GET our money?
2. How we SAVE our money?
3. How we SPEND our money?
God is concerned
with every aspect
of our life –
and that includes
Are you using them
in a way that is
pleasing to God?
Are you including God in
your financial planning?
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