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Your Total Microminiature
Miniaturization Trends
The trend towards miniaturization of electronics equipment which began
more than three decades ago has grown dramatically in the 21st century.
During much of this time Min-E-Con has been among the leaders in the
design and manufacture of high-density Microminiature and Nanominiature
connection devices. The proven reliability of our "Fifty-Lok" contact design
and it's inherent low insertion forces have made it the preferred choice of
many users. Min-E-Con connectors are ideal for applications that require:
High contact densities
High temperatures (200C+)
Extreme shock and vibration
Mission Critical / High Reliability
Reduced weight and size
High speed data transmission
About Min-E-Con
Founded in 1974
Privately Owned
Products built in Irvine California, USA
Focused exclusively on Micro and Nano connectors
80% of business is Oil / Down Hole tools
15+ million per year in sales
Holden Technologies, Inc. Rep for 10+ years
Trendsetter Electronics – Sole Distributor for 8+ years
Min-E-Con Products
Micro Connectors
Nano Connectors
Strip Connectors
Custom Connectors
and Harnesses
Micro – D Connectors
24AWG or smaller wire. 22AWG
3A, 600V rating.
2000 mating cycles – LIF contacts
Low Profile with chamfered edges
Low Profile (DSMR), Original D, Small
D. available
Micro-D Anatomy 1
Micro D Anatomy 2
Twist Pin Comparison
Nano Connectors
Nano are approximately 20% the size of a
1Amp, 250V rating
NMR1 – drop in replacement for
Tyco/Nanonics (.025 centers)
NMR2 – modern nano for new designs
(.030 centers)
PEEK Flex – custom, quick turn Nano’s
Strip Connectors
Low Cost
Guide Pin can be positioned to avoid mismating
Jackscrew now available
Min-E-Con can provide complete custom harnesses
Custom harnesses eliminate splices
Fewer splices = higher reliability
Min-E-Con can terminate a wide range of devices
within a harness from torroids and filters to specialty
connectors from other mfrs.
Daisy Chaining
Extended Backpotting
Shield Termination
Specialty Products and
Hybrid Connectors: contain a mix of contact sizes.
Nano, micro and 16 AWG contacts in a single micro-d.
High voltage
Non-Magnetic: Special plating and contacts that are
without Ni.
Extended Backpotting
Double Crimp
Shield termination
Min-E-Con Quality
Min-E-Con’s patented Fifty-Lok system mechanically locks the
contacts into the harness.
Insulators are molded into the connector shell. Other mfrs glue
their insulators.
Low insertion force system allows longer contact life.
100% Testing: Every contact in every connector is tested to meet
electrical specs.
Every contact on a harness is checked for proper routing.
Min-E-Con does not use “batch” testing like competitors.
Min-E-Con quality is highest in the industry.
New Product
/06 – Super Seal
Additional Sealing – “Super Seal” Upgrade
Many down hole tools are exposed to moisture and humidity in the field and
during service. This moisture turns into a pressurized steam when exposed to
high temperatures down hole. Steam destroys critical epoxy over time and can
result in failures. To combat this type of failure, Min-e-con has added the option
to place additional hydrophobic seals in between the epoxy and the insulator.
This additional sealing prevents moisture and steam from penetrating to a point
where shorting or electrical leakage can occur.
- Connectors rated for 100% humidity at 15psi with high temp
- Hydrophobic seal between insulator and epoxy
- Prevents moisture wicking up wires
- Prevents steam degradation of epoxy into the insulator area
- Added sealing does not change the dimensions of the connector
Black Anodized Finish
Black Anodized Finish Upgrade (”B” Callout) Hard Coat Anodization is not a
plating but rather a transformation of the skin of the aluminum shell.
Anodization provides numerous benefits :
 - Non Magnetic *
 - Corrosion Resistance
 - Hardness: Rockwell scale C60-70
 - Wear Resistance
 - High Temp: 200C+
 - Low Friction Coefficient for ease of mating
 - No plating to flake or chip
How to Specify Super Seal and Black
Anodize Finish
MBR-15P6E5-18.0 /06
 “B”
in second position denotes
 “/06”
suffix denotes 200C rating and
Additional Sealing
Non- Magnetic - /07
Min-e-con has supplied non magnetic connectors to the oilfield
for years. Typically, switching the finish to hard coat anodized
and leaving the hardware off was sufficient for most
requirements. However, with the increased sensitivity of today’s
tools Min-e-con has gone the final step and removed even the
Nickel underplate on the contacts. This product is now able to
be easily ordered with the simple addition of the /07 part
number suffix:
 Hard Coat Black Anodized Finish
 Nickel Free Contacts
 Less Hardware
Thank You!
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